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  1. HeatMap showValues doesn't work

    Solved by changing the "baseFontColor". For some reason (for any version of HeatMap) if you set the "baseFontColor" to "#000000" the showValues property doesn't work.
  2. HeatMap showValues doesn't work

    Hello, We currently made an upgrade to version 3.2.1 of PowerCharts. Since the upgrade it seems that the functional attribute "showValues" has no effect on HeatMap charts (the values are never displayed). It works fine on Bubble charts for example. Can someone suggest me or help me with a solution? Thank you, Alex
  3. Link

    Hello, Thank you for your answear. What we would like to know is if this options we'll be any soon available, and if this will be available for the html5 charts?! Thank you, Alexandru
  4. Link

    Hello, I want to know if it is possible to create the label of a category as a link. I have read some topics and I've found something like that: <category label="<a href=''>'>'> Jan </a>" /> One of the problems is that with elipsed labels this doesn't work. There is also another problem; if I add the "target" attribute to the "a" tag, the chart fails to interpret it as HTML code. Exemple: <category label="<a href='' target=_blank > Jan </a>" /> Finally, I want that my href to point to a javascript function. Same problem as above, fails to interpret it as HTML. Example: <category label="<a href='javascript:alert(\"Hello World!\");' > Jan </a>" /> Is there a solution to do all this? If we pass from the flash version to javascript/html5 version, would we have this, very important, features? Thank you, Alexandru
  5. Map Caption

    Thank you very much for your answear. Indeed, we don't use the latest version, but the previous one, we will upgrade, retry, and get back to you if necessary. Alexandru
  6. Map Caption

    Hello to everyone, I need to put a title on the World Map. The documentation says clearly to add functional attribute "caption", but it does not work. How to do this and if not possible for the moment, when will it be available? It is highly unpleasant to use or export a chart whitout a title and it is not consistent with the other charts. Thank you, Alexandru
  7. Heatmap X Labels

    Hello to everyone, I want to know how and if it is possible to limit the space that the X ax labels on HeatMap chart takes?! I use slant, I use ellipses properties but it still takes a lot of space. The property "maxLabelWidthPercent" applies only to Y axis labels. Thank you, Alexandru
  8. Heatmap Pointer

    Hello, I want to know if it is possible to set and get the values of the pointers on heat map's legend. For example I want to set a range from 0 to 100 and I want to show this range on the legend. Now, let's say I want to display the chart by default with the values between 30 and 70 with the possibility to increase this range. Is it possible? Another thing. Let's say that I select from legend the values between 30 and 70. How can I get this values (30 and 70) in javascript or other? Thank you very much, Alexandru
  9. Colorrange Heat Map

    Hello, Thank you for your reply. Here is the attachment. As you can see the smaller values are darker than the biggest ones, and I would like the opposite. Alexandru
  10. Colorrange Heat Map

    Hello, I hava a problem with the HeatMap and its color range. I'm using the Fusioncharts v 3.2. The values of elements sometimes can go from 0 to 20 and other times from 0 to 30.000 or more. The point is that I need the color range but I can't create single color elements. Everything works fine except for one thing. For any input color (of the color range with gradient) the smallest values are darker and the biggest one are lighter and I want the opposite. I want to highlight the highest values with a darker color than the smaller ones. Here is the color range xml: <colorRange startLabel='MIN' endLabel='MAX' minValue='1' code='3c20bf' gradient='1'></colorRange> The values like 1,2,3 are almost back and the values like 16 or 18 are blue (see attachments for the result). is there any solution for this problem? Thank you, Alexandru
  11. Click On Legend

    Hi, Thank you for your reply. Basically, I need to click on legend items and I want to manage this click( not just hide/show data on chart). For example I want to click on a legend item and pop-up something, or do an alert. Same thing for the labels of the chart. If clicks are not possible, maybe a tooltip on this items could be enough. I hope this was enough to clear my needs. Thank you, Alexandru
  12. Chrome Error

    Hello, I'm trying to build a Bubble chart 50 elements on X and 20 elements on Y (more or less). Works fine on IE, works fine on Firefox but on Chrome I have a JavascriptException: "Maximum call stack size exceeded". I pretty sure that it is a problem with the length of the string xml passed to build the chart but is there anyway to avoid or repair this problem? Thank you very much, Alexandru
  13. Click On Legend

    Hello, I want to know if it is possible to override the click event on legend's elements, to add a click event on labels of the chart, or if it is possible to add tooltips on this elements? It will be available any of this features in the next releases? Thank you for your time and consideration, Alexandru
  14. Bubble Chart

    The post interpreted my chars: "& # 10 ;" (whithout space between). Thank you again, Alexandru
  15. Bubble Chart

    Hi Bindhu, I saw the grid option and it could be a good idea on the "run" but that's not the problem. The grid is limited to single series and it's not available for the export where I need it more. At "run time" tooltips are enough. Could you tell me please, what are the special characters that the "seriesName" attribute of a dataset interprets? For example I saw that for a line break I type " ". There is a table or something like that? Thank you, Alexandru