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  1. I must say I am a liltle disappointed that there is no response to neither my post nor a response to the link that I provided. Thanks!
  2. There is a bug reported and it sound very similar to my issue. Has this bug been resolved?
  3. I think it may have something to do with my browser and its history. After viewing the map with it Firefox and Chrome the label and values were set properly in both browsers. Then when I deleted IE browser history the labels were set properly, however after the second time viewing the map the labels and values were back to being offset again. I will do some more debugging/troubleshooting and will provide feedback. If there is a soultion that you come up or a known issue with the browser history before my feedback please provide. Thanks In advance. kwuh97
  4. Thanks for the response. My initial thought was to resize (lower width and height) the map thinking that the lables would adjust to the new size of the map but it was to no avail, the labels remained offset . Here are the two sceenshots. Thanks In advance for you assistance. kwuh97
  5. Hello I am working with a FCMap_USA.swf file and the labels and values are consistently offset. The "extensions" (line pointing to the states) are set correctly for the states that are too small to contain the (pair) such as MD, RI, etc but not the labels and values. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks In Advance For Any Assistance. kwuh97