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  1. Hi have followed the steps to Export the chart as image and I am sure that I did everything correctly. It works fine in IE 7 but not "Export Graph" button is not enabled in IE 8. I have updated the latest update already. Can you please help?
  2. Export Option Not Working Ie 8

    Hi, I am doing an export at client. I have checked that all the configuration are correct. However, in IE 8, the Export button is not enabled. It works perfectly in IE 7. Attached is the chart XML and Export Handler component code for your reference. Please help.Chart_XML.txt
  3. Hi, I need to avoid label overlapping in MSLine chart. But I dont want to hide the labels in the chart. Can you please help? Attached is the chart image and XML. MSLine.txt
  4. Label Overlapping In Msline Chart

    I cannot predict the maximum value, it may vary depends on duration. Is there any other way to set the maximum limit depends on the values plotted? I mean now Fusion chart itself predicts it but the offset is not much higher than the maximum value, can we define the offset value to be added to set the Y-Axis limit ?
  5. Label Overlapping In Msline Chart

    I have updated the latest update and still the issue happens. It looks like you have increased the chart height and width which does not cause overlapping. If you set the chart width = 720 and height = 270, the overlapping occurs. Is there any way to avoid overlapping without increasing the height ?
  6. Label Overlapping In Msline Chart

    Hi, We have bought with upgrade license but unable to login to product center as it says the email id is wrong. For your information, the email id used is – ‘[email protected]’, Version – V3.1 and purchase made on 24th Feb 2009. Can you help us to upgrade to the latest version?