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  1. Hey all, I've usually had a good response from these forums; so hoping again to get an issue resolved. Using Safari, the security in the browser blocked access to the Flash pluggin. I'm guessing that Fusion Charts call to the Flash plugin is just to see if the pluggin is there. It doesn't check to see if the plugin is blocked and subsequently doesn't fall back to JS. Is there a work around for this please? Thanks in advance. Tee
  2. Evaluation Box Showing In Version 3.2

    Done and awaiting reply, thanks.
  3. Evaluation Box Showing In Version 3.2

    Hi there, We purchased versions 3.11 in 2008 on the 19th March. I have just downloaded the XT Update and moved the respective charts and files into the folders as suggested before, but I may need to do a full installation of XT into the main website repository? If you can let me know where I can find the Licence Type and Order Id information, I will try to find it and send it to you. We can't find any of that information through the account information pages. The only change that has happened is that the Evaluation Version tag is now saying Trial Version Thanks in advance.
  4. Evaluation Box Showing In Version 3.2

    Thanks for your reply. I have copied over the purchased/updated version of the SWF file. I have copied over the following files from the downloaded package Charts folder into my working Charts folder: * FusionCharts.js * FusionChartsExportComponent.js * highcharts.js * jquery.min.js * firebug-lite.js I do not have the following files * FusionCharts.HC.js * FusionCharts.HC.Charts.js I have completely cleaned out my cash many times. Still this does not remove the evaluation version message. This is the only chart that it appears on. Is it the case that the MSCombiDY2D chart is Fusion Charts XT only and not part of the 3.2 version? Thanks.
  5. Hello, We have version 3.2 and I'm using the MSCombiDY2D.swf chart, but the Evaluation box is showing; I've tried clearing my cache, and updating the chart type, but for some reason I cannot get rid of the evaluation box. I'm sure that we've purchased the 3.2 version so this shouldn't be showing.