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  1. Interactive Legends With FC 3.1.1

    If so, why in the downloaded from the product update center (it says "FusionCharts Enterprise v3.1.1") I can find resources used for the js rendering i.e. "FusionCharts.HC.Charts.js"? Anyway here is a code snippet: $("#chartdiv").insertFusionCharts({ swfUrl : "/testFC/swf/Pie2D.swf", dataSource : "...XML STRING..", dataFormat : "xml", width : 500, height : 300, id : "ChartId", renderer : "javascript", debugMode : "0" }); and I've attached a screenshot of the result. Note that not only the rendering in js but also the auto switch between js and flash works.
  2. Interactive Legends With FC 3.1.1

    Thanks for the answer. So this means that with 3.1.1 the js renderer may work in some cases but it is not guarantee and you can't have support on the problems you may find? About interactive legends, it seems to me that here it is clearly stated that interactive legend was new from 3.2. e
  3. Hi there, my client have purchased FC v3.1.1 both charts and widgets. I've read here and there that the "interactive legend" features is new from the 3.2 version. But I cannot find a "what's new" page to have the official confermation. Can I assume that with version 3.1.1 this feature is not implemented or there are some exceptions? (I've tried to render MSColumn2D with javascript renderer and actually it does implement the "interactive legend", that's why I'm asking). Regards, Emilio
  4. Links In Pop-Up Windows Vs % (Percent)

    Hi Angshu, thanks for both the welcome and the answer! E.
  5. Links In Pop-Up Windows Vs % (Percent)

    Hello, I've read the documentation and it states that either width and height are numbers and that the unit is px. Even though, I'd like to know if there's any chance that something like this might work: <set link="P-detailsWin,width=100%,height=100%,.." /> King regards, Emilio.