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  1. Axis Lines Gone On Ipad/safari Ios

    Thank you Angshu for the information. I suspect our users will understand the disappearance of the style application when they're on non-Flash devices, without too much heartache. We'll keep our eyes and ears on future modifications to the delivered Javascript for customized style support. Thanks much
  2. Hi - in our VB.NET code-behind, we call the FusionCharts.RenderChart method, all XML is valid, and our charts display perfectly, except that when viewing using Safari on an iPad, the X and Y-axis lines have disappeared. Is there a workaround for this? We use: xmlData.Append("<styles><definition><style type='Shadow' name='Shadow_0' Angle='130' Color='000000' Alpha='100' blurX='0' blurY='0' Strength='5'/></definition><application><apply toObject='CANVAS' styles='Shadow_0'/></application></styles>") to display these lines. They display just fine on our Win7 64 workstations (IE8, Firefox, Safari) but not on the iPad. Thoughts? Help? Thanks!