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  1. Issue With Renderchart

    Hi Fusion Charts Team, I am using ASP.Net 3.5, Ajax 3.5 and Power Charts 3.2.1 web site version. I am trying to use spline charts in the nested ajax tabbed panel. there is a parent tabbed panel and inside of that there is another tabbed pannel where the charts reside. if there is any post back event occurs in the same tabbed panel of master where the charts are residing then we are not facing any issue but when we try to use the another tabs the graphs are disappearing and we are seeing "Chart." like shown in the atatched image below when i try to use the RenderChartHTML i am able to see the chart but i am getting the below javascript error message "Microsoft JScript runtime error: Unable to get value of the property 'tagName': object is null or undefined" below is the xml i am using to render <chart showValues='0' showyaxisvalues='0'> <set label=' Below Market' value='0' color='0B5286' anchorAlpha='0'/><set label='$10400' value='15000' color='5998C1' anchorAlpha='0'/><set label='TargetPrice' value='29000' color='5998C1' drawAnchor='0' anchorRadius='5' anchorAlpha='0'/><vline color='000000' linePosition='0' thickness='2'label='$13564'/><set label='$15900' value='15000' color='5e5e5e' anchorAlpha='0'/><set label='Above Market' value='0' color='5E5E5E' anchorAlpha='0'/></chart> our company brought the powerCharts and Fusion Charts based on my recommendations and if this doesn't work i will be in soup. your help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Sastry