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  1. Is there some way that the chart supports of showing a message when it detects all the values are 0? Right now, if you feed no values into the graph, it displays "No data to display". If you give it values = 0, it just shows up as empty space. This seems very inconsistent.
  2. I don't get any errors but I noticed a change in behavior from SR2 to SR3 for empty pie charts. My data: Full of data points with value = 0. In SR2: I would get a single line in Pie chart with all the datapoints pointing to it with the tooltip Value=0. In SR3: I just get a blank space. There's nothing to indicate that the chart even rendered. I'm not sure if this is a bug in SR3 or not but handling a data set with all Values=0 should not just give a blank space (no legend, no graph, nothing is there).
  3. In SR2 version, there was this line: * Improved: Better and automatic handling of "slicingDistance" attribute of Pie and Doughnut charts. The behavior I noticed is that when the graph is resized, the slicing distance remains the same. So if the slicingDistance is 10px for a 300x400 size graph, when the graph is resied to 900x1200, the slicingDistance still remains 10px. Hence, it looks like the slice is not pulled out. I'm not sure if automatic handling means it handled upon resize but it seems like it would make sense. Either this or let us set slicing distance in percent of the radius. I'm manually resetting the slicing distance upon resize but setting this resets the sliced out slices. I have noticed that the graph stated is not preserved when redrawn (such as by using setChartAttribute).
  4. I have a Pie Graph in link mode. When I click the slice, it fires the link properly. When I click the corresponding entry in the legend, it slides out the slice but does not fire the link. It seems like clicking the legend should check which mode (link or slicing) the graph is in and fire the corresponding behavior. Due to this, we have to disable the legend interactivity which we would rather not do. If corresponding behavior is not possible, having a clicklistener on the legend would be helpful as well. Suggestion: If the legend clicking behavior is completely decoupled from click behavior of the slice, the legend interactivity should be similar to columns where clicking the legend hides the data point.
  5. Hi Sanjukta, Sorry if I wasn't clear. I just took a demo which allows toggling between slicing and links which was flash-based and set the graph to javascript renderer. When it's flash, the toggling works fine, when it's javascript, it does not work. The toggling is between link or slicing (both do not happen at the same time). This toggling works in flash but does not work in javascript. Thanks, John
  6. Gwt Smartgwt And Linkedchart

    Unless you are using the swf object directly (which you don't need to with fusion charts), there's really no reason to use flashlet. Just use JSNI.
  7. In link mode, clicking on a slice directly fires the link. When I click the legend entry for that slice, it pulls out the slice but does not fire the link. I think it should have consistent behavior as clicking on the slice directly. We have javascript link that depends on the status of the pie slice pull out, the legend pull out without firing the javascript link is messing up that logic.
  8. Whenever the container for the Pie Graph resizes, the graph will resize properly but resets the state of the pulled out slices. It will always revert to no slices being pulled out upon resize. Pie chart properties: - In Link mode (links defined in JSON data) - The slices are pulled out manually using togglePieSlice
  9. Column Graph Missing The Column

    As an update, the bars show up after I resize the browser. If I call setXMLData(), the bars disappear again which I assume is because that functions redraws the graph. Also, I tried using the regular construction and I still have the same behavior: var myChart = new FusionCharts("js/fusioncharts/Column2D.swf", "myChartId23", "100%", "100%", "0", "1"); myChart.setJSONData(JSExampleJavaScriptData); myChart.render(chartConId); Are there any solutions for this?
  10. The following Pie Graph functions do not work when link is defined in the data: togglePieSlice() enableSlicingMovement() enableLink() If the link is defined, I cannot enable SlicingMovement nor toggle Pie Slice Movement. Test case: Take the following sample: and just add FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript'); before the chart initialization. The javascript renders fine but none of the Slicing/Toggling works. Only link works.
  11. I'm using the jQuery plug in and the column is not rendering. Here is my code: $('#' + chartConId).insertFusionCharts({ swfUrl: "js/fusioncharts/Column3D.swf", renderer : 'JavaScript', width: "100%", height: "100%", id: "myChartId", dataFormat: "xml", dataSource: "<chart caption='Weekly Sales Summary' xAxisName='Week' " + "yAxisName='Sales' numberPrefix='>" + "<set label='Week 1' value='14400' />" + "<set label='Week 2' value='19600' />" + "<set label='Week 3' value='24000' />" + "<set label='Week 4' value='15700' />" + "</chart>" }); Here are the files I have included in the html in addition to the SWF: "js/fusioncharts/FusionCharts.jqueryplugin.js" "js/fusioncharts/FusionCharts.js" "js/jquery/jquery-1.7.1.min.js" Note, our system uses a newer version of jquery than the ones provided so we did not include the jquery provided by fusioncharts.
  12. I'm currently using the jQuery plugin to render a Pie Graph. The Pie Graph is losing the slice animation (slice just teleports between out and in when clicked). This occurs after the following steps: 1. render graph in div 2. fade out the div using $(div).fadeOut() 3. change the dimensions of the div by removing any existing css classes then adding new one 4. then fade in the div using $(div).fadeIn() 5. The graph is resized to new size but no longer animates the slices. I'm using the latest JS (from 1 week ago).