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  1. Hi, Thanks for your answer, but we are using C#, please find the code below. aspx code <div style="float:left; min-width:250px; border:0px solid red;"> <asp:Literal ID="ltrlGrphStock" runat="server"></asp:Literal> </div> <div style="float:left; margin-left:3px; border: 0px solid #000;"> <asp:Literal ID="ltrGrphItemPhase" runat="server"></asp:Literal> </div> <div style="float:left; margin-left:3px; border: 0px solid #000;"> <asp:Literal ID="ltrGrphForex" runat="server"></asp:Literal> </div> aspx.cs code Generated the XML data and, ltrlGrphStock.Text = FusionCharts.RenderChart("Charts/Pie2D.swf", "", xmlData.ToString(), "", "300", "250", false, true); ltrGrphItemPhase.Text = FusionCharts.RenderChart("Charts/MSColumn3D.swf", "", xmlData.ToString(), "productSales", "550", "250", false, true); ltrGrphForex.Text = FusionCharts.RenderChart("Charts/Line.swf", "", xmlData2.ToString(), "", "300", "250", false, true); First we generated two graps, worked perfectly, but when we added one more graph, the 3rd graph is rendering on the first literal and on the third literal a text appears as 'Chart.' . Are we not trying it correctly? Thanks...
  2. I have downloaded the FusionCharts XT trial version for evaluation purpose. The first 2 charts came properly, but when I tried with the third chart, its rendering on the first chart itself and a text 'Chart.' is displayed at the 3rd literal. Does trial version is equipped to display only 2 charts?