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  1. Gantt Chart Export To Pdf In Cognos

    Hi Sumed, Thanks for your reply! We followed the document and built this report in Cognos. When we try to export using Cognos export menu, the pdf is blank. Regards.
  2. Hi, Is there a way we can export a gantt chart to pdf which is embedded in cognos. we already implemented client side export which is working fine. But it is exporting just the chart by right click on it. What we are looking is, to to view the whole page in pdf by click the "View in PDF Format" in cognos menu. Thanks.
  3. Gantt Chart

    Hi, Thanks for your response. We got the issue resolved. It was just the pagination settings in cognos. Regards.
  4. Gantt Chart

    Hi Angshu, Thanks for the reply. I was able to build the gantt chart embedded in cognos.The problem is, we also have a cognos list showing in the same page. When we run the report, the output looks fine. But when we save the report as "Report View" in cognos and try to view it, thats where the chart is not displaying. Please see the screen caps in the attached document. Thanks.
  5. Gantt Chart

    Hi , We had a gantt chart embedded in cognos 8 along wiht a list . The report works perfect when we run it. But when we save the results as "Save as Report View" and tried to open back the saved copy, the chart is not displaying. I attched the screen cap of the results. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Report View.doc