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  1. Charts crashing Flash

    Also, just so you on each slide I load the chart with the following As code: loadMovie("chart_test_1.swf", chart_mc); loadMovie("chart_test_2.swf", chart_mc); loadMovie("chart_test_3.swf", chart_mc); and so on, with an emtpy clip with an instance name of chart_mc as the placeholder.
  2. Charts crashing Flash

    I think it is a an as library issue because when I was initially making the charts I just wanted to load the swf file, and did not remove the includes or import code for any of the charts in the main timeline. Instead I just opted to load the ready swf file at each slide in the main timeline. Everything works fine as I proceed from one slide to the next, each time loading a different chart no problem, but when I go backwards to a previously loaded chart or restart the movie, it crashes flash. Some sample code is below: #include "com/fusioncharts/includes/LoadingFunctions.as" #include "com/fusioncharts/includes/AppMessages.as" import com.fusioncharts.core.charts.Pie2DChart; var strXML:String = ""; //Add simple data for demo. strXML = strXML + "<chart palette='1' alpha='0' bgAlpha='0' yAxisValuesPadding='10' baseFontColor='000000' decimals='0' bgColor='ffffff' pieRadius='145' showBorder='0' showPercentageValues='1' labelDisplay='WRAP' labelSepChar=' ' labelDistance='0' showToolTip='0' use3DLighting='1' caption='2006 Procedure Distribution' baseFont='arial' baseFontSize='14' showvalues='1' showCanvasBg='0'>"; strXML = strXML + "<set label='Isolated C' value='373' isSliced='1' />"; strXML = strXML + "<set label='Isolated V' value='42' />"; strXML = strXML + "<set label='Combined CV' value='61' />"; strXML = strXML + "</chart>"; var xmlData:XML = new XML(strXML); // --------------------------------------------------- // // -------------- Actual Code to create the chart ------------// //To create a chart, you first need to create an empty movie clip to act as chart holder. var chartContainerMC:MovieClip = this.createEmptyMovieClip("ChartHolder",1); //Now, instantiate the chart using Constructor function of the chart. var myFirstChart:Pie2DChart = new Pie2DChart(chartContainerMC, 1, 550, 425, 20, 15, false, "EN", "noScale"); //Convey the XML data to chart. myFirstChart.setXMLData(xmlData); //Draw the chart myFirstChart.render(); //Stop stop();
  3. Yaxis Name & Stepping Bug

    For reference, the issue was due to a typo in my code.... 'numvdivlines' should be 'numdivlines' keyword. Thanks for your help Pallav, your excellent support will be factored into a possible upgrade to an enterprise version. - Mike
  4. Yaxis Name & Stepping Bug

    So I was able to resolve the initial stepping issue by using the following code in the chart tag: yAxisMinValue='0' yAxisMaxValue='3.5' adjustDiv='0' numDivLines='6' Which gave me the following along the y Axis: 0, .5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 with the numDivLines='6' representing the 6 values between the coded Y min/max values for total of 8 y axis values. I have run into a similar issue again and the method used last time is not working. Using the following code: yAxisMaxValue='135' yAxisMinValue='105' numvdivlines='5' adjustDiv='0' Should yield 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135, along the y axis Instead I get: 105, 111, 117, 123, 129, 135 For some reason a y Axis values is missing as well as being incremented by 6 instead of 5. What is the issue? Below is the complete code for reference: var strXML:String = "<chart caption='Volume' yAxisMaxValue='135' yAxisMinValue='105' numvdivlines='5' adjustDiv='0' showShadow='1' bgAlpha='5' showCanvasBase='1' showCanvasBg='1' showToolTip='0' plotSpacePercent='50' xAxisName='Year' yAxisName='Procedures' baseFont='arial' baseFontSize='14' palette='2' shownames='1' showvalues='0' decimals='0'>"; //Add simple data for demo. strXML = strXML + "<categories>"; strXML = strXML + "<category label='2002' />"; strXML = strXML + "<category label='2003' />"; strXML = strXML + "<category label='2004' />"; strXML = strXML + "<category label='2005' />"; strXML = strXML + "<category label='2006' />"; strXML = strXML + "</categories>"; strXML = strXML + "<dataset color='0f5c9f' showValues='0'>"; strXML = strXML + "<set value='131' />"; strXML = strXML + "<set value='119' />"; strXML = strXML + "<set value='116' />"; strXML = strXML + "<set value='122' />"; strXML = strXML + "<set value='124' />"; strXML = strXML + "</dataset>"; strXML = strXML + "</chart>";
  5. Yaxis Name & Stepping Bug

    I got the y axis label issue resolved, but could you give me an example of code which will give me the Y axis values I listed earlier. I tried adding the value you listed but this did not resolve the issue. Could you give me a complete code example?
  6. Yaxis Name & Stepping Bug

    I love fusion charts, such a great extension of the features set in Flash via AS 2.0. To my problems, I have been having a couple of issues with fusion charts thus far: In all the charts I have made so far I cannot get a single chart to show the YAxisName, what am I doing wrong? Even if I remove all the other items and just try to specify the y axis name only the chart will apear with everything working fine but the yaxisname is always missing. strXML = strXML + "<chart yAxisName='test'>"; var strXML:String = ""; //Add simple data for demo. strXML = strXML + "<chart yAxisName=Statistic Group 1>"; strXML = strXML + "<categories> "; strXML = strXML + "<category label='2002' />"; strXML = strXML + "<category label='2003' />"; strXML = strXML + "<category label='2004' />"; strXML = strXML + "<category label='2005' />"; strXML = strXML + "<category label='2006' />"; strXML = strXML + "</categories>"; strXML = strXML + "<dataset seriesName='1.6% Test' color='0f5c9f' showValues='0'>"; strXML = strXML + "<set value='2.5' />"; strXML = strXML + "<set value='0.6' />"; strXML = strXML + "<set value='2' />"; strXML = strXML + "<set value='0.8' />"; strXML = strXML + "<set value='1.6' />"; strXML = strXML + "</dataset>"; strXML = strXML + "<dataset seriesname='2.3% STS Benchmark' renderAs='Line' showValues='0'>"; strXML = strXML + "<set value='3.3' />"; strXML = strXML + "<set value='2.9' />"; strXML = strXML + "<set value='2.6' />"; strXML = strXML + "<set value='2.5' />"; strXML = strXML + "<set value='2.3' />"; strXML = strXML + "</dataset>"; strXML = strXML + "</chart>"; The other problem I have is when I try to specify the stepping values that should show up along the left hand side of a chart. I have tried.... <chart yAxisMinValue='0' yAxisMaxValue='3.5' numDivLines='5' decimals='2' yAxisValuesDecimals='2'> This should give me 0, .5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5....yet all I get is 0 at the bottom and 3.5 at the top everything in between is blank.