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  1. Javascript On Datalabels

    Hello, Unfortunately we require links on the data labels for various reasons, which is why we chose fusion charts over other charting libraries in the first place. Is there perhaps a way to set attributes of the anchor tag itself? For example, the target attribute, or rel, or name? Awaiting for your response.
  2. Javascript On Datalabels

    Hello, That doesn't help. I am able to call a javascript function, but the problem is that in IE, it attempts to unload the page before calling the function. Please let me know when this feature has been added. Thanks.
  3. Javascript On Datalabels

    Hello, Unfortunately, that does not help. My issue is with adding javascript code to category labels, (labels along the x-axis) not adding javascript to data points. There is no link property for category labels as far as I know and so I'm using the workarounds explained in these posts link1, link 2, link 3, link 4 I've managed to get it working in firefox, safari, and chrome, but as usual IE9 is the one causing the problem. By inspecting the DOM, it appears that FusionCharts internally parses the category labels for links and creates tspans with an onclick that modifies location.href. It is because it modifies location.href that it causes onbeforeunload to fire. Is there an expected time frame for when the link property will be added to categories? Or a different workaround than that mentioned in those forum posts. Thanks.
  4. Hello, I am trying to call javascript function/code when the user clicks on a category label using the known workaround. ( ex <category label="< a href=\"Javascript:func();void();\" > the_label < /a >" > ). My problem occurs when using IE. When a user clicks on the label in IE, IE fires an onbeforeunload event handler which we use to clear the session. Is there an alternative method or work around to get label (category) clicking functionality? Or perhaps a suggestion on how I can prevent it from firing onbeforeunload? The unloading of a page doesn't occur in ff, safari, or chrome. Thank you.