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  1. Formatting Gantt Chart in FusionWidgets v3

    On the same topic, there is another formatting issue which we are having. The tasks are not wrapping. I have sepcified the following parameters for chart element. caption='{$parent_text_id} {$parent_name}' ganttPaneDurationUnit='y' showFullDataTable='0' ganttWidthPercent='70' forceGanttWidthPercent='1' animation='1' showToolTip='1' dateInToolTip='0'> Based on the documentation, this should wrap the text in the task/process elements. But it is not happening. Is there any other attribute that I am missing. Any help will be appreciated. We need this asap.
  2. I am trying to format a Gantt chart. Here is the how I am invoking the functionality. var myChart = new FusionCharts("../FusionWidgets/Charts/Gantt.swf", "Gantt Chart", "1000", "800",0,0); myChart.setDataURL("request/page?id=1030%2526eid=" + ); myChart.render("chartdiv"); Here the chart will always be rendered in 1000*800 space irrespective of data which can vary. and hence the chart will look good for some queries and ugly for some. How do I give it a value so that it can determine how to deliver it appropriately. We just purchased 3 licenses of fusionwidgets. This is really a showstopper for us. Can you help us. Can I have number to call?