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  1. Hi, I am using Linked charts in 2D PIE chart. We have licence version fusioncharts/3.2.3-sr3.5347. For our site we have one sample PIE chart and that used in iPAD machine. When we opened this chart in lightbox and drill down to last chart and again come back again to main chart we see javascript errors in iPAD error console. Note: This issue is not observed on any desktop browsers(IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) with different versions Error messages: 1. TypeError: 'null' is not an object 2. TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object After this error is seen in console of iPAD almost all functionality are working fine except below: 1. some of slices does not move away from chart and come back again if we click on them. 2. javascript errors increased after every hover on chart. Could you please try to debug this issue and let us know the solution to fix it? Thanks, Shrikant 2DPIEChart.xml
  2. Hi, Thanks for your help. Any idea when we can expect next service release? Is there any other way to get this fix urgently without waiting for next service release? Regards, Shrikant
  3. Hi, Are you able to replicate the issue on sample? Thanks, Shrikant
  4. Hi Bindhu, Thanks for responding. I am attaching sample project in '' without lightbox but with updated .js files required for rendering on iPAD. I tested this sample and it is giving us the error now. While debugging the error we observed the error occurs in file "FusionCharts.HC.js" and line number 13487. code where we see error is : chart.mouseIsDown = mouseIsDown = hasDragged = false; error message: Type message. 'null' is not an object Notes: 1. this issue occurs in version '@version fusioncharts/3.2.3-sr3.5347' but not in '@version fusioncharts/3.2.2-servicerelease1.4200' 2. to reproduce this issue we have used iPAD with iOS version 5.1. You can also view this issue in later version of iOS. Steps to reproduce the issue on sample application: 1. Open the chart on iPAD 2. Click on 'Stag1a' --> 'Stag1a awn' 3. Click on item 'a' to move in-out from the chart. 4. Click on 'Back' button 5. Again click on 'Stag1a awn' 6. Again click on item 'a' to move in-out from the chart. It will not work fine. Also we will see javascript errors in debug console if we click/hover on any items on chart. These errors starts increasing if we do any action on chart. Please let me know if you need further details. Thanks, Shrikant
  5. Hi, I want to use linked charts in my application. For that I have used the sample from your site and tested with Javascript and Flash mode. I am able to get see functional linked charts through Javascript render mode but for flash it is not. Following are the details: 1. We have licence Fusion chart version and upgraded to @version fusioncharts/3.2.3-sr3.5347 2. Attached sample contains xml and html. HTML needs to be updated to map proper javascript path. 3. I am using desktop browser 'IE 8'. I could see chart with flash mode but could not drill down to next level. Could you please let me know how I can use linked charts (drill down) functionality for flash mode with the attached sample? Thanks, Shrikant
  6. Linedcharts Not Working For Flash Render Mode

    Hi, We are using 2D PIE chart. After changing the flash global setting we are able to use linked charts. Thanks for your help. Regards, Shrikant
  7. Hi, We are facing 2D pie chart flash rendering issue on IE 9.0 browser and Windows 7 operating system. 2D pie chart uses linked chart to drill down and and back button to go to original position. When we continuously click on any pie item to use drill down and back button, we sometimes see PIE chart is not displayed OR PIE chart is partially displayed OR chart is not responding at all. Note: We have licence version fusioncharts/3.2.3-sr3.5347. Interesting here is: - we are not facing this issue when charts are displayed on Window XP operating system - IE 7 browser. - this issue does not occur frequently. - this issue is not observed when we use javascript rendering. Attached sample xml that will help for further investigation. Please let me know if you get the solution for this issue. Thanks, Shrikant 2DPIEChart.xml
  8. Anyone had a chance to look into this issue? Thanks, Shrikant
  9. Linedcharts Not Working For Flash Render Mode

    Thanks for help. The sample works for me on Web site. But I see performance issue on IE 7 & above browsers. The chart sometime take 2 mins to load or even more. Rest of the browsers works smoothly. Currently I am showing this chart on lightbox. Can you lease help me on that? Thanks, Shrikant
  10. Hi, I am using Multiseries 2D column chart (MSColumn2D.swf) to display series of data. When I disable all series using legend and again enable them I see difference in width of columns plotted on chart. I don't see this issue when I change the render type to Flash. Note:I have Fusion chart version 3.2.1 and using javascript rendering. If anyone knows the reason for this issue please let meknow.
  11. Hi, I am using Multi series line chart with Flash and javascript rendering for same data. There we see difference in display of line charts. For flash mode we see a minor gradient glow effect around the line whereas javascript does not show it. This gradient glow effect sometime gives wrong information on UI front if the line is drawn on x-axis. Due to that glow user sees the same line below x-axis which is not the case. Could you please let us know whether we have any chart property to remove gradient glow effect in Flash mode. Or is there any property which will have any padding between x-axis and line chart plotted?
  12. Sorry. Attaching it now.
  13. Hi, I am attaching sample xml file. If you render this file in Flash mode and look into Series 6, you will see some part of data looks like data is plotted just below x-axis. Please advice if there is any solution for this. Thanks.
  14. Hi, I am facing issues in display of Bubble chart for Fusionchart 3.2.2 version (javascript rendering). Issue are: 1. Bubbles are not clipped even though property isset as clipBubbles = 1 2. Want to show bubble text instead of values. Icould see text only when I hover the bubble. 3. There are unwanted vertical lines in quadrant. I was not facing this issue in Fusion chart version3.2.1 using javascript rendering. To refer the issue, I have attached sample code. If anyone knows about the fix for above issues please let me know.
  15. I see a difference in y-axis interval when same xml chart isrendered in Javascript and Flash version. When I looked into chart properties Iobserved small thing - chart node has property numDivLines='0'. If we use this property it means weshould not see any intervals on y-axis in javascript and flash rendering. But the behaviour is different in both render types and followingis the output 1. In Javascript rendering - could see intervals on y-axiseven numDivLines is set to zero 2. In flash rendering - don't see intervals on y-axis andwhich is correct behaviour due to chart property numDivLines='0'. Can anyone knows how we can fix this issue for javascript rendering?
  16. Thanks for the welcome. I am using Fusion chart 3.2.2 enterprise version files and believe these files are nothing but "Fusion chart XT service Release 2". Please correct me if I am referring to wrong version. I have already attached the sample code using "Fusion Chart 3.2.2 version" for review and it does not help me. Do you any other alternative to fix the posted issue?
  17. Thanks for the welcome. I am using Fusion chart 3.2.2 enterprise version files and believe these files are nothing but "Fusion chart XT service Release 2". Please correct me if I am referring to wrong version. I have already attached the sample code using "Fusion Chart 3.2.2 version" for review and it does not help me. Do you any other alternative to fix the posted issue?
  18. Happy to see your reply and efforts. Attaching sample for your reference. I am am facing another issue in y-axisintervals display. For the same xml data I see different y-axis interval alongwith upper limits in both display modes (Flash and Javascript). Same attachment should show the issue. Note - · attached sample is using Fusion chart 3.2.1. Ialso see this issue not fixed in 3.2.2(Fusion chart XT) release. · I tried to use different chart properties tomaintain consistent intervals in both modes. Used chart properties are [adjustDiv='0'numDivLines='3' divIntervalHints='20' ] Can you please tell me whether javascript andflash mode does not support same y-axis intervals for above chart properties?