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  1. Hi, After saving the chart as image, drill down is not working. Any idea. Regards S.Seakr
  2. Hi Are you going to support other chart types like 1. Mutil Axis 2. Real-time 3. Drag Node Chart Regards S.Sekar
  3. Dynamic Scale with sensible Max value

    Hi The issue is with MutiAxis... I know that I can still add yAxisMaxValue for each Axis. But calculating it at server level is bit complex. Is there any option to make it adoptive at client level. As you are already calculating Max value, once calculated max value, need to have option to further map it up. Regards S.Sekar
  4. Hi I am using dynamic Y Axis scaling. However, it calculates it so dynamically that at times numbers are not user friendly. The requirement is to set the Y Axis Max to nearest 2.5,5,10,25,50,100,250,500,1000,2500 .... This will enable sensible yAxis division values. For example, if max reading is around 60%, it shows 12,24,36,48 & 60. Instead, we would like to have it as 20,40,60,80 and 100%. How can we control it with in Fusion Chart. Note : You may suggest to do it st server side and set the max value forcibly. But our requirement is to set it at client side as server side calculation will get bit more complicated as we areusing Mutiaxis chart with each axis showing multiple measurements and calculating at server side it bit complex. Regards Sekar
  5. Hi I need to allow user to print / export fusion chart along with actual data used to create the chart. The format is already closed. Either I need to give a button to my end user like 'Printer Friendly'. When user clicks that button, in popup i want to show the Chart as Image with in a HTML page? How can I achieve it? Your Javascript needs the chart to be present at the same page. In this case chart is not displayed at that page. Any idea. S.Sekar
  6. Hi We are trying to use fusion chart for displaying end to end network diagram. If the size of the diagram grows beyond certain value, it is not rendered properly. If required, can share the XML of the chart. S.Sekar