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  1. hi do you help me with the fusioncharts intregration with jsf 2.0?

    thank you very much

  2. Fusioncharts With Jsf 2.0

    hi I got the solution actually i use primefaces 3.0 tag library and put this code in my xhtml page <p:fieldset id="panel"> <p:outputPanel rendered="#{xxBean.boolChartFlag}"> <p:media value="/Charts/MSLine.swf?&dataXML=#{xxBean.xmlData}" player="flash" width="425" height="300"> <f:param name="wmode" value="transparent"/> </p:media> </p:outputPanel> </p:fieldset> thanks for fushioncharts
  3. Fusioncharts With Jsf 2.0

    hi sumedh, thanks for your reply. so far i've tried to implement like srividya's explanation in other topic i used Tag library Jar version: 1.4.1 but it doesn't work in my (.xhtml) page <f:verbatim>This is JSF example</f:verbatim> <fc:renderHTML chartId="MyChart" filename="/secure/FusionCharts/Column3D.swf" width="700" height="300" xml="#{dataInvestorBean.xmlString}" debugMode="true" registerWithJS="true"> </fc:renderHTML> values in the bean xmlString ="<chart caption='Monthly Unit Sales' xAxisName='Month' yAxisName='Units' decimals='0' formatNumberScale='0'><set label='Jan' value='462' color='AFD8F8' /><set label='Feb' value='857' color='F6BD0F' /><set label='Mar' value='671' color='8BBA00' /></chart>"; is there something wrong in my code? and can i use Tag library Jar version: 1.4.1 in jsf 2.0? thanks hutagaol
  4. Fusioncharts With Jsf 2.0

    hi guys , can anyone show me how to use fusioncharts with jsf 2.0 help me please.