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  1. Hi to all, it's possibile export a chart as image without opena a web page? I must make in a batch php procedure... Thanks a lot Stefano
  2. Ho to all... I need to insert in the set tag a link to a javascript function... I've insert in the page head tag this code: script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="indicatori/funzioni/FusionCharts.js">/script> script language="JavaScript"> function myJS(myVar){ window.alert(myVar); } /script> With "<" before the tag name!!! and my set tag appear like this: set label="finanziamento statale" value="733" link="j-myJS-prova" but don't happen anything... Where is the error? I attach my XML. Thanks a lot. Stefano temp.xml
  3. Hi, I've a problem with a single quote in my XML. In my php I've $stringa_value = ""; and the XML produced (provided using dataXML method) is attached. Where is the problem? My caption must be "Totale attivit grph.xml
  4. Hi, is possible change che right click message "Save as JPEG image", "Save as PGN image", "Save as PDF", "Print chart" in another language? Thanks a lot Stefano
  5. Chart in MS Access Report

    Hi to all, I've Microsoft Access 2007 and I've tried to insert a charts in a report. I've inserted into report an Shockwave Flash Object and I set the "movie" parameter (eg. "absolute path charts directory"Column3d.swf?dataURL="absolute path data directory"data.xml) but I can't see anything... Why??? Thanks a lot Stefano PS I've Fusioncharts Enteprise v3
  6. Hi to all... I've a problem. I've this javascript: function updateCharts2(year, ms){ if (mssisfolChartLoaded){ var strURL = "Data_prgXmssisfol.php?year=" + year + "&ms="" + ms + """ ; strURL = strURL + "&currTime=" + getTimeForURL(); strURL = escape(strURL); var chartObj = getChartFromId("n2"); chartObj.setDataURL(strURL); }else{ alert("Please wait for the charts to load6"); return; } If I print the strURL variable I've this result: Data_prgXmssisfol.php%3Fyear%3D2006%26ms%3D%22INDUSTRIA%20ALIMENTARE%3A%22%26currTime%3D11_38_25_863 the same string with urldecode: Data_prgXmssisfol.php?year=2006&ms="INDUSTRIA ALIMENTARE:"&currTime=11_38_25_863 The XML produced is in the attachment and seem to be correct, but the in the swf update (with id="n2") I receive the error "Error in loading data". If I check the html source of page I found this javascript: //Instantiate the Chart var chart_n2 = new FusionCharts("FusionCharts/Pie2D.swf", "n2", "700", "400", "0", "1"); //Provide entire XML data using dataXML method chart_n2.setDataXML("Data_prgXmssisfol.php%3Fyear%3D2006%26ms%3D%22%22%26FCCurrTime%3D2008+07+40+11_44_40+AM") //Finally, render the chart. chart_n2.render("n2Div"); The variable ms appear without value... Why??? Thank you a lot! Stefano data_tmp.xml