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  1. I am new to the use of FusionMaps and also am interested in determining methods for being able to place a marker on the map if the location is known by lat/long. With that being said, are the positions between items on the map accurate i.e; distances between cities etc; , so that if you have the markers between two cities you will be able to determine the the marker for a third. Also, is there a way of determining the lat/long for the 0,0 location of a map. I am assuming that the map is a flat representation so that an algorithm of some sort will need to be designed to be able to convert the marker representation. I am curious if a reference point is established for one lat/long <-> marker can that be used to determine the location of other items based on of the marker scheme. Also if you drill down in the maps how accurate are the locations of items which have been placed. Thanks