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  1. Thanks for the reply, I have managed to sort out the problem. It was because my server is not able to server up .asp , I changed the script to php so that it would return the values and everything now works fine. I have one other question though, Is it possible to put caption's or titles on the gauge, Looking through the documention there seems to be a mention of captions for charts but when it tried it for the widget it would not output the text onto it. Here is what I used instead of the Cpudata.asp , I just called it cpudata.php and changed the url tag in the xml file and it was good to go. <? //This page is meant to output CPU Usage of 2 CPUs //The data will be picked by FusionWidgets angular gauge. //You need to make sure that the output data doesn't contain any HTML tags or carriage returns. //For the sake of demo, we'll just be generating a random value between 0 and 100 and returning the same. //In real life applications, you can get the data from web-service or your own data systems, convert it into real-time data format and then return to the chart. //Set randomize timers on mt_srand((double)microtime()*1000000); mt_srand((double)microtime()*1000000); $lowerLimit=0; $upperLimit=16; //Generate a random value - and round it $randomValue1=intval((mt_rand(0,10000000)/10000000)*($upperLimit-$lowerLimit))+$lowerLimit; $randomValue2=intval((mt_rand(0,10000000)/10000000)*($upperLimit-$lowerLimit))+$lowerLimit; //Now write it to output stream print "&value=".$randomValue1."|".$randomValue2; //Or you can also write in the following format - using IDs //Response.Write("&CPU1=" & randomValue1 & "&CPU2=" & randomValue2) ?>
  2. Hi guys I am a little confused with what is going on in regards to the real time updating of the angular gauge, well any of the real time widget gauges. I have downloaded and put in place the trial version of the widgets and the gauge itself shows just fine but won't update. I am just using your examples so I can get to grips with things being a bit of a novice at all this. I am currently running my own home server which is running ubuntu with apache and php5 all the latest versions and on a seperate pc in the house. I have had a search though the forum but have not seen any thing that really helps me. I have seen mentioned in the forum and on your main site the following question in regards to my problem. 4. Check if dataStreamURL is returning proper data. To test this, just open your browser and run this page. It should return the data in text format. The problem is if I point my browser to the file CPUData.asp instead of it returning data values all it returns is a copy of the complete script. Here is a screen shot of what I mean. I am a bit confused how to get this working correctly. Any help would be most appreciated.