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  1. Real Time Data

    I was afraid of that. Oh well, I'll just have to use AJAX to approximate it. Are there any simple examples using ajax, coldfusion and fusioncharts?
  2. Real Time Data

    Thanks for the quick response. Do the real-time charts in FusionWidgets XT support only Flash? We need to display the page on an iPad so that would not work. Thanks, Nicole
  3. Chart Data Update Without Refresh

    Which license(s) support using the Real-time capabilities?
  4. I will be using cfexecute to pull data using a perl script. I'd like to have a chart act like the one in the realtimeline.swf example updating every 30 seconds or so by calling the cfexecute again. Can I do this with dataURL?
  5. Real Time Data

    My manager believes that any chart can be used to show real time data and that we don't need to use the realtimeXXX.swf charts, just use AJAX to supply real time data and any swf file. Is that correct?