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  1. Cannot Use % Sign In Label

    hi, i have a very strange problem. i'm creating a chart Pie2D and one of my label has the "%" sign inside. well, i don't know why, but FC throws an error saying that the XML is invalid? why? here it is the XML code <chart caption='Alert' subcaption='' animation='0' > <set label='Entrate' value='3815' /> <set label='Spese superiori al 10%' value='2011' /> <set label='Uscite' value='5769' /> <styles> <definition> <style name='myFont1' type='font' size='12' /> <style name='myFont2' type='font' size='8' /> </definition> <application> <apply toObject='Caption' styles='myFont1' /> <apply toObject='SubCaption' styles='myFont2' /> </application> </styles> </chart>
  2. Column2D Not Showing In Ff4

    hi, i have a strange issue. i have created a Column2D chart, if i use IE everything is ok BUT if i use Firefox 4 nothing is displayed. am i missing something?
  3. Enable image saving while using dataXML method

    thanks, thanks, THANKS A LOT! first of all, thanks for your support. Moreover, the attached code works great! Thanks again!
  4. Enable image saving while using dataXML method

    hi, i've done some more test and i've seen that no pop-up message is coming to me after the click on "Save as Image" option. So, have you got any ideas?
  5. Enable image saving while using dataXML method

    I'm using PowerBuilder version 10.5 But things are a little more complex. I'm not loading the graph into a web page, but i have created an OLE object inside the window and then i', passing the variables trought the script: ole_shockwave.Object.Movie = ls_movie ole_shockwave.Object.Quality = 1 ole_shockwave.Object.BgColor = "#FFFFFF" ole_shockwave.Object.FlashVars = "&dataXML=" + ls_xml + "&CHARTWIDTH=600&CHARTHEIGHT=400" ole_shockwave.Object.Play() All the XML is loaded inside the ls_xml variable and then the animation starts. I've tried to find and invoke a "SaveAs" function trought the script but it didn't succeded. So i thought to do that passing by the flash script. Btw, thanks for your quick answer
  6. Hi everyone. First of all, congrats for your application, it's awesome. I'm having a problem and i think it's quite hard to resolve. At the moment, i'm using FusionCharts to create charts for an application (it works locally, not online on the web). Until now, the chart only show up, but i'd wish to permit the user to save as image a copy of the graph. Well and now there is the problem. As far as i understood, using the settings described on your manual, after the right-click on "Save as Image", the graph will reload and will be displayed as an image. is that right? Well, is there a way to modify the FusionChartsSave file so it will prompt to the user where to save the image file? i hope i've been quite clear Thanks in advance