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  1. Export - Save File On Server Not Working

    Is there another way to get support for this? I need to get this resolved and it seems like this is just going in circles.
  2. Export - Save File On Server Not Working

    There is no attached illustration unless you are referring to the linked documentation. I was already working from the page you linked. Everything works fine until the page "Saving exported output on server disk" at which point it doesn't work.
  3. Export - Save File On Server Not Working

    Updated FCExporter to set SAVE_PATH to "./" and the HTTP_URI to the correct URL. No change. Does it save it to the server when you trigger it from the menu or is there some other way you are supposed to trigger it saving?
  4. I am using javascript only charting and I configured the PHP exporter for server side exporting. When you download the file to the client this works fine, I'm trying to use the same script to create a file on the server and whenever it gets triggered it just downloads the file, ignoring the exportAction "Save" in the configuration. Here is the configuration from FCExporter.php: define ( "SAVE_PATH", "/Users/dennisbaker/work/django/resources/chartexporter/charts/" ); define ( "HTTP_URI", "/resources/chartexporter/charts/" ); define ( "OVERWRITEFILE", false ); define ( "INTELLIGENTFILENAMING", true ); define ( "FILESUFFIXFORMAT", "TIMESTAMP" ) The javascript for the chart is attached, as I said it works fine for downloading normally but saving to the server is not working. I tried this with a callback function and without (currently the callback is not in the script below). chartexport.txt
  5. Pie Chart Labels On Chrome

    I have "numberPrefix" : "$” in the script, I'm not sure what happened with copy/ paste to cause that in the original post. I've also tried it without any number prefix at all. The labels do not appear in chrome. I've tried it on OSX and on Linux both and no luck. Labels appear fine in Safari and Firefox. Your script doesn't seem to help. Here is another script with the same exact problem. var chartWidth=$('#container-div').width()-50,fChart function showChart() { $("#graph2").insertFusionCharts({ swfUrl: "/resources/FusionCharts/Pie3D.swf", width: chartWidth, height: chartWidth, id: "revByDet", renderer: 'Javascript', dataFormat: "json", dataSource: { "chart": { "showLegend":'1', "caption" : "Revenue By ", "numberPrefix" : "$" }, "data" : [ {'label':"Smith & Nephew",'value':'28290','link':'/financials/8/37/?units=Thousands&region=US'},{'label':"Wright",'value':'77318','link':'/financials/8/39/?units=Thousands&region=US'},{'label':"Zimmer ",'value':'1572','link':'/financials/8/40/?units=Thousands&region=US'} ] } }); } EDIT: apparently the forum software mangles code when you submit. I verified the "$" was correct this time. That's really annoying.
  6. Pie Chart Labels On Chrome

    Your post is pretty scrambled and the script won't even run. I see the 'numberPrefix' argument is different on yours which is the only obvious change "numberPrefix" : "{:content:}quot” The quotation mark on the tail end of that is invalid and even when I fix it all I get is garbage for the one label that displays. Is screencap you sent using my original code? EDIT: Ok, looks like you edited your post so it's much cleaner. I'm still having the issue and the numberPrefix line is still garbled though.
  7. Hi, brand new install, I'm liking the product so far but I've run into a problem with javascript charts under Google Chrome. The charts work great under safari and firefox (haven't tested IE yet) but under Chrome all of the labels are omitted. I've attacked a screenshot of how it appears. FusionCharts.version[3, 2, 3, "release", 4749] Here is the script: var chartWidth=$('#container-div').width()-50 function showChart() { $("#graph2").insertFusionCharts({ swfUrl: "/resources/FusionCharts/Pie3D.swf", width: chartWidth, height: chartWidth, id: "revByDet", renderer: 'Javascript', dataFormat: "json", dataSource: { "chart": { "showLegend":'1', "caption" : "Revenue By ", "numberPrefix" : "{:content:}quot; }, "data" : [ {'label':"Alpha",'value':'5900','link':'/financials/8/154/?'},{'label':"Betin",'value':'15500','link':'/financials/8/236/?'},{'label':"Biret",'value':'5250','link':'/financials/8/158/?'},{'label':"Spine",'value':'9150','link':'/financials/8/25/?'},{'label':"Etech",'value':'12464','link':'/financials/8/27/?'},{'label':"Integra ",'value':'45936','link':'/financials/8/181/?'},{'label':"Medtech",'value':'65086','link':'/financials/8/36/?'},{'label':"MeTa",'value':'74562','link':'/financials/8/32/?'},{'label':"Other",'value':'21500','link':'/financials/8/2/?'},{'label':"Pioneer",'value':'500','link':'/financials/8/150/?'},{'label':"RTI",'value':'18552','link':'/financials/8/203/?'},{'label':"Obex",'value':'7500','link':'/financials/8/40555/?'},{'label':"Wright",'value':'16044','link':'/financials/8/39/?'},{'label':"Zulu Spine",'value':'1500','link':'/financials/8/17998/?'} ] } }); }