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  1. Batch Export.

    A current problem we face with fusion charts. It seems charts rendered outside the browser view don't get captured when exported to an image file. Just wondered is there a workaround for this? Once again this is using IE7 and Flash Player Thanks in advance.
  2. Memory Leakage W/ Ie 7

    That seems to of made a huge difference. Thank you
  3. Memory Leakage W/ Ie 7

    Forgot to add we are using: Flash Player Vista Enterprise SP2 Internet Explorer 7.0.6002.18005 FusionCharts Enterprise v3.1.1
  4. Memory Leakage W/ Ie 7

    Hi. We seem to be having a problem with FusionCharts within IE 7 (don't have the capability of testing on other browsers) regarding memory usage. We have a page full of charts (roughly 6-8), and whenever the page is navigated away from then back (or a simple refresh) the amount of memory iexplorer.exe uses continues to climb (on occasions above 800mb). This occurs even with the use of cleaning up all charts with the dispose() method on page exit. Future pages will contain even more amounts of charts so it's important we can deal with this. I've seen a few other posts related to memory leaks, so would just like to know has any progress been made regarding this issue. Thanks.