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  1. Hi, I would like to refresh this topic. When are you planning to implement any FusionWidgets for Collabion Charts for Sharepoint. I would like to use the following widgets for the KPI reporting: 1. bulb gauge http://www.fusioncha....asp?id=bulb_21 2. angluar gauge with trend points http://www.fusioncha...sp?id=angular_5 3. cylinder gauge http://www.fusioncha...p?id=cylinder_9 http://www.fusioncha...p?id=cylinder_8 Pls let me know if it's possible to implement these elements in the near future. Thanks
  2. Hi, Is there any documentation available for Collabion Charts for Sharepoint? manuals/faq/how to, anything that can help the new user to create fency charts. I'm especially interested in drill down functionality, how to create such charts with Collabion? Thanks a lot,