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  1. Changing Fusion Chart Width Or Height At Runtime

    Hi, I am just downloaded the flex version of fusion chart XT trial and checking the dynamic resizing. I saw that it is not working. If the dynamic resizing feature is added only to the javascript chart? I am using Flex chart so please let me know if dynamic resizing is posible for flex chart. If so please share some samples. Regards, Susant
  2. Hi, Currently we are using Fusion Chart 3.1.1 flash version and we want to upgrade to XT version. What are basic steps we need to follow to upgrade. Regards, Susant
  3. Hi, We are using fusion chart Version: 3.1.1 in our project and we are facing a issue in changing width or height of the chart at runtime. Scenario: We have a panel in the screen which contains a fusion chart and panel having the option of minimize and maximize option. By default user can see 4 panels in the screen and each panel having 1charts in it. Our requirement is when you maximize the panel it takes full screen and chart should resize as per the panel size. We are trying to resize the chart just changing width and height as per the panel and rerendering the chart again but it is not happening at run time. Currently we are changing the X and Y scale of the chart but it is not fitting properly in the panel. Please help how to change the width and height of the chart at run time or it is a existing issue of the chart. Regards, Susant
  4. Fusion Flex Chart Does Not Load

    Hi Sumedh, Any update on this? Please reply at earliest we are facing this issue from long time. Regards, Susant
  5. Hi, We are using Fusion chart in our project and sometimes it does not load in the screen. It is not reproduce always. This is sporadic issue. We usually getting the following issue in the debugging mode. INFO: Chart registered with external script. However, the DOM Id of chart has not been defined. You need to define it if you want to interact with the chart using external scripting. WARNING: Could not find dataXML or dataURL parameter. Setting empty data for the chart. ERROR: No data to display. There isn't any node/element in the XML document. Please check if your dataURL is properly URL Encoded or, if XML has been correctly embedded in case of dataXML. No Data to Display: No data was found in the XML data document provided. Possible cases can be: There isn't any data generated by your system. If your system generates data based on parameters passed to it using dataURL, please make sure dataURL is URL Encoded. You might be using a Single Series Chart .swf file instead of Multi-series .swf file and providing multi-series data or vice-versa. Please let us know if this is a Fusion chart known issue. Please provide the solution for this. Regards, Susant