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  1. Hi, I need to display multiple lines in my tooltip when I hover over a country on a MAP. I used "\n" to do the same and it works well on IE, whereas in Safari I am not getting the line break, instead all are coming on the same line. I tried using <BR/> and <BR> after refering to some topics in the Fusion forum but no luck. Can I get some help on how to achieve the same ASAP? TIA, Prem
  2. Newline In Tooltip Text

    I got it resolved using {BR}. Thanks, -Prem
  3. Maps For Ipad

    Hi, I am using Fusion Charts and Maps for a project and my client has a licensed version for Enterprise FusionCharts & FusionMaps. When I saw all the major .js files (FusionCharts.js, FusionMaps.js, FusionCharts.HC.Maps.js) the version was mentioned as 3.2.4-release.8565. 1) Through this version of FusionMaps, can I have my maps to render in both Flash and Javascript mode? 2) If not, please advise me as to which version or patch should I download to get my MAPS to render in both Flash and JAvascript. Also, request you to attch the lick for the download. I saw in your site that with FusionMaps XT (3.2.0) will support it. If this is what I need to use, please let me know where I can download it and how to use it. Thanks and Regards, Prem
  4. Maps For Ipad

    Minor change to my earlier mail. I tried FusionMaps to render in Javascipt with my current licensed version as 1) Copied the Enterprise Fusion Charts files to my target folder. 2) Copied the Enterprise Fusion Maps files on top which overwrite some file. This way MAP renders in Javascript but the Chart X axis lables are getting overalapped. When I do the reverse 1) Copied the Enterprise Fusion Maps files on top which overwrite some file. 2) Copied the Enterprise Fusion Charts files to my target folder. Now chart works but MAPS does not render and I get "chart type not supported". So, I think I require a new release in which the Chart labels getting overlapped is fixed. Appreciate a quick response on this issue. TIA, Prem
  5. Hi, I want to set the Y axis scale using the divIntervalHints property. But the Chart picks a different divIntervalHints compared to what was provided. In the XML file attached, I have assigned the divIntervalHints as 1000 but the chart gets rendered with scale 800. Please see the attached screen shot. Also, I tried removing adjustDiv, still no luck. Wondering whether the height fixed for the Charts could be a cause!! Can you please check out the attach XML file and let me know what is wrong? script used for rendering the chart XML ----------------------------------------------------- FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript'); var chart = FusionCharts.items["ChartId"]; if(chart == null) { chart = new FusionCharts('Line', "ChartId", "400", "250", "0", "0"); } chart.setXMLData(dataString);chart.render("chartdiv"); // datastring is provided in the attached XML. TIA, Prem SampleScript.txt
  6. Setting Divintervalhints Gets Ignored

    Thanks for the Response Sumedh. Can I use YAXISVALUES to achieve the same? This way I can calculate the Y axis points based on my calculated interval. If so, can you send me an example as I dont see any example available in the site. Thanks -Prem
  7. Hi, I am using Fusion Charts 3.2.2 in my project and I recently upgraded to 3.2.4 beta to make use of the Javascript feature for Maps. Also, I have purchased the license for Fusion Chart 3.2.2. My question is, how do I upgrade Fusion 3.2.4 beta, can I just place the 3.2.4 files on top of licensed 3.2.2? Please explain me the steps for the upgrade. Thanks -Prem
  8. Hi, I am using Fusion charts for displaying data in graphical format. Fusion Charts automatically creats the Y Axis data points based on the data range we pass. My problem is that the value determined by Fusion is sometime not very presentable and I would like data points shown in the Y Axis to step as 100.00, 100.05, 100.20, 110.00 instead of 100.22, 100.31 and etc. I need a way to overide the datapoints by providing my one, how do I do this? Also, I notice that lables adjacent to the 0 point gets overlapped with the label 0, is there a way to get around this issue? Thanks -Prem
  9. Overriding The Y Axis Display Points

    Hi, Thanks for the quick respose. I tried the XML you shared and it worked for that set of data, whereas when I ran my application for other set of data ( XML attached below), I dont see the Y axis data points ending with Zeros. Please find the attached XML and chart image. I had set the forceDecimals to "1" and numDivLines to "3". You can let me know what is wrong with this XML. Reg, the zero overlap, you wanted me to set the chart dimesnsions accordingly. Did you mean the chart Area Width and height that is set in the FusionCharts constructor? Can you explain more on it? TIA, Prem sample.xml
  10. Chart Title As Link

    Hi, I want the Chart Title to act as a link (URL) so that when I click the the Chart Title it takes me to a specified URL or to a Javascript. I see the example having links form the data points but I want when when clicked on the Chart Title. A sample example will be really helpful. TIA, Prem
  11. Overriding The Y Axis Display Points

    Hi, Can I expect some help by today please!! TIA, Prem
  12. Overriding The Y Axis Display Points

    Please find the attached XML and screen shot. <chart caption="GDP, Current Prices" subcaption="Values from past 5 years for the Country AUSTRALIA" xAxisName="QUARTERLY" yAxisName="AUST. $ MILLION, %1Y Growth Rate" showLabels="1" showColumnShadow="1" animation="1" showAlternateHGridColor="1" canvasPadding="10" valuePadding="7" yAxisValuesPadding="5" labelPadding="3" yAxisNamePadding="5" xAxisNamePadding="5" captionPadding="5" AlternateHGridColor="ff5904" divLineColor="ff5904" divLineAlpha="20" alternateHGridAlpha="5" borderAlpha="0" baseFontColor="666666" lineColor="ff7f3b" lineAlpha="85" showValues="0" decimalPrecision="2" rotateValues="1" valuePosition="auto" exportEnabled="1" numDivLines="4" adjustDiv="0" yAxisMinValue="-2.732" yAxisMaxValue="12.712" ><set label="Feb-2007" value="9.43" /><set label="May-2007" value="9.92" /><set label="Aug-2007" value="8.35" /><set label="Nov-2007" value="8.63" /><set label="Feb-2008" value="8.11" /><set label="May-2008" value="9.19" /><set label="Aug-2008" value="11.03" /><set label="Nov-2008" value="8.30" /><set label="Feb-2009" value="5.44" /><set label="May-2009" value="1.41" /><set label="Aug-2009" value="-1.05" /><set label="Nov-2009" value="0.78" /><set label="Feb-2010" value="4.10" /><set label="May-2010" value="9.62" /><set label="Aug-2010" value="10.12" /><set label="Nov-2010" value="8.97" /><set label="Feb-2011" value="7.29" /><set label="May-2011" value="6.71" /><set label="Aug-2011" value="6.38" /><set label="Nov-2011" value="5.51" /></chart>
  13. Hi, I am looking out for a feature wherein I can shade a region in the chart to signify some importance (like, say the shaded region signifies some recession period), you can see what I mean through the attached image. Can you let me know if that is possible and any samples to do it. Please find the attached image for more information. Thanks -Prem
  14. Need A Shaded Area In The Charts

    Hi Bindu, Thanks for your reply. 1) Can I make the Trend Line or Trend Zone to be painted in vertical direction (as I had shown in my attachment). I see all the Trend Line examples rendering the line horizontally. Can you provide me an example Fusion XML. 2) In the second approach, I am unable to understand on how to draw a strip(shaded area) on a particular point on a Chart like say year 2010 - 2012 or a series of months within a year. I would appreciate if you can send me a detailed XML and help me to understand it. I tried my best to understand from canvasBgRatio="0,27.5,0.1,26.4,0,8.5,0,40" canvasBgColor="FF0000,FF0000,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,FF0000,FF0000,FFFFFF,FFFFFF", no luck. Thanks a lot. Regards, Prem