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  1. I Can't Print A Gantt Graph

    Thank you very much! It works now!!!
  2. I Can't Print A Gantt Graph

    Hi Sashibhusan! I've enabled the print manager and the error continues. I attached the images with the error on Mozila and IE (with the JS graph properties, without "print" method). Thank you again!
  3. I Can't Print A Gantt Graph

    Hi, Thanks for your answer, but with your files, the error continues. When I click on the button "Click", to print, I have the same Javascript error: "object doesn't support this property or method 'print'". I tryed in other two machines and it gives the same error. Have any idea? Thanks
  4. I Can't Print A Gantt Graph

    Hi, I'm trying to print a gantt graph by Javascript, like the default print mode (right click -> print chart), but it doesn't reconize the method "print". What I'm doing is: var myChart = new FusionCharts("../../common/baseclass/chart/fusioncharts/Gantt.swf", "myChartId", <?=$width?>,<?=$height?>, "0", "0"); myChart.setDataURL("../../temp/<?=$ob_xml->getXmlName()?>"); myChart.render("divGantt"); And after: var chartReference = FusionCharts("myChartId"); chartReference.print(); Is it possible to print this graph using Javascript? Thanks for the answer! xmlgantt52c68863.xml