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  1. Thank you again for the response. Unfortunately not all of the charts in the <div> print, and those which do so render with corrupted data series lines (these are multiple line charts in a <div> element), or no chart body content at all. I really like the product, and I appreciate your efforts. Please don't take any more of your time on this. If it is of interest to anyone else with this problem (which to be honest I believe is primarily an IE issue), I did find an alternative method to do what I needed: 1. Set a CSS @media print style of visibility:hidden for a <div> which wraps the area of the page I don't wish to print. 2. Create an IFrame below the content container. 3. In the body onLoad I set the IFrame style to display: none to hide it. 4. When my print button is clicked, I pull the contents out of the 'regular' page <div> container innerHTML into a javascript variable (var object). 5. Write the <html> and <head> element open tags to the IFrame page. 6. Write the include of FusionCharts.js in the head element of the IFrame page (enabling of managed printing not required here). 7. Open the <body> element of the IFrame and set the innerHTML value to the innerHTML value of the page container <div>. 8. Close the <body> and <html> IFrame page elements. 9. Set the IFrame style to display:block so it can take focus(). This is required or IE will cause errors. 10. Focus() on the IFrame contentWindow. 11. Use window.print() to print the content. The CSS @media print settings force only the content portion to be printed. 12. Set the IFrame innerHTML value to "" to avoid content in the page which is no longer needed. 13. Reset the IFrame style to visibility:hidden to hide it. While it may not be the method I preferred to use, it prints the charts exactly the way I want. Fully formed chart body content, all page charts on a printed page. Outstanding documentation on the site by the way.
  2. Thank you for the response. Unfortunately placing that statement in that location in the printContent routine causes a "FusionCharts.printManager is null or not an object" error. In an attempt to prevent this, I placed the line in my initial include of the FusionCharts.js into my page. While the null error stopped, printing was no better. I also read the docs and inserted an event listener. No affect. I'll see if I can figure out some other way. Thank you.
  3. Hello. I use the latest commercial version of FusionCharts at my workplace, and I'm still learning. It's great. My workplace uses IE 8. FF or some other browser is not an option. I have a page which renders several charts in the single page. The charts are rendered as XML based and they are inside an html table. The table is wrapped in a <DIV> element with a unique ID. I want to have a button on the page which using javascript will print only the <DIV> element containing the rendered charts. I already have the javascript to isolate the containing <DIV>, and it reads the innerHTML into a new document in preparation for printing. My problem: The charts will not render in the window. I have tried wrapping the innerHTML content in markup to create a fully formed web page - it doesn't work. I have tried placing only the innerHTML in the new window - it doesn't work. I can see the containing table in the print window, but the charts are not present. The javascript I'm using to capture the chart container innerHTML (the page container name is "dashContent") is below. It works fine. What can I do to get these charts to render for printing? <script type="text/javascript"> function printContent() { var DocumentContainer = document.getElementById('dashContent'); var WindowObject ='', "PrintWindow", "width=600,height=400,top=50,left=50,toolbars=no,scrollbars=yes,status=no,resizable=yes"); WindowObject.document.write('<html><head></head><body>'); WindowObject.document.writeln(DocumentContainer.innerHTML); WindowObject.document.write('</body></html>'); WindowObject.document.close(); WindowObject.focus(); WindowObject.print(); WindowObject.close(); } </script>