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  1. ok i will help myself.
  2. i must design the dragnode. but how can i set the bordercolor,the bgcolor,the connectors....etc all that i want it beatiful. give me some ideas. ok??
  3. hi~ if u want to Different Datalabel Different Font Style , i have one idea. code: "styles": { "definition": [ { "name": "myHTMLFont", "type": "font", "ishtml": "1"} ], "application": [ { "toobject": "DATALABELS", "styles": "myHTMLFont" }, { "toobject": "TOOLTIP", "styles": "myHTMLFont" } ] }, then if i push data var data={}; var t=parseFloat(width)/fvObj.getItemCount(); data["x"]=t*i+t/2; data["y"]="220"; data["width"]="100"; data["height"]="70"; data["color"]="62D0FE"; data["name"]="<font color='red'>"+fvObj.getItemText("szName",i)+"</font>"; data["alpha"]="100"; data["tooltext"]=fvObj.getItemText("szName",i); data["id"]=fvObj.getItemText("GroupID",i); retObj.dataset[0].data.push(data); var ammeter={}; ammeter["x"]=t*i+t/2-30; ammeter["y"]="90"; ammeter["width"]="60"; ammeter["height"]="65"; ammeter["imagenode"]="1"; ammeter["imageurl"]="resources/swf/ammeter.jpg"; ammeter["labelalign"]= "BOTTOM"; ammeter["imagealign"]= "top"; ammeter["alpha"]= "1"; ammeter["imagewidth"]= "40"; ammeter["imageheight"]="40"; ammeter["color"]="FE9191"; ammeter["name"]="<font color='blue'>"+dayAEnergy.toFixed(0)+"度</font>"; ammeter["id"]=fvObj.getItemText("GroupID",i)+"a"; retObj.dataset[0].data.push(ammeter); but it useless :( :( Why? set isHtml='1' but html tag is useless
  4. HI~ i want to set every datalabel's different style. who can help me ? thx