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  1. Hi, I am using MSLine charts to render reports. to check whether the chart work fine even when flash is disabled, i disabled flash on IE8. The chart renders fine but the export to IMAGE/PDF does not work. it works fine when chart is rendered in flash. I am working on a intranet application and it does not have access to internet. I observed the chart is trying to access but i need it to downloaded form FCExporter configured in my application. to mention again everything works fine when flash is used. Regards, Sumit
  2. Scroll Feature

    If a Waterfall consists Large data to display ,then its possible to get the scroll to see that data in the chart? We are showing charts in Jquery pop-up and we do not want to change the width of the pop-up dynamically. Regards, Sumit
  3. Zoom Feature In Waterfall Charts

    Thanks a lot Chaitra.
  4. Zoom Feature In Waterfall Charts

    Hi, Just wanted to know if Zoom-in feature is available in Waterfall chart? Regards, Sumit Anvekar
  5. Stacked 2D Bar Chart Features

    That's correct. But i need the total to be dynamically updated based on whether a set of data is shown or not. consider that are 2 set of data and total is sum of these 2 sets. on clicking of the first legend the 1st set will automatically hidden however totals doesn't get updated. i want it to be updated. Hope this will make my question clear. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I need to know whether following feature is available or not. Line/Bar chart not showing legend if data not available. i.e. if the set is null or has only zero values. Thanks, Sumit Anvekar
  7. Stacked 2D Bar Chart Features

    Hi, I am using Stacked 2D bar chart. I need to know if the following feature is available or not. On Click of the legend, corresponding stack is shown/hidden. But the total of the stack will be fixed. Can it be dynamically calculated based on whether part of the stack is hidden/not.
  8. Gradient For Legends

    By Default all legends displayed in fusion charts have a gradient at the center (You can observe this if you watch it closely). Is it possible to remove that whitish spot in the legends?
  9. Palatte Color For Waterfall Chart

    Hi, I am trying to apply palatte colors to Waterfall charts which works fine for all plots except for the last one (SUM) for which dynamically some color is used. Please help me on this. Regards, Sumit
  10. Is it possible to set width to zero of a specific bar. It should not be applied to all bars of the chart!! Regards, Sumit
  11. Bubble Charts Bubble Displayed Incompletely

    BINGO!!!! Thanks absolutely what I wanted. Thanks a lot Bindhu. Many Thanks. Regards, Sumit
  12. Bubble Charts Bubble Displayed Incompletely

    Thanks Bindhu. That could certainly be one of the solutions. But these values are dynamic so each time i have identify max value and add another 10 or 20 to that and set it as yAxisMaxValue. Again, this means i have to modify the xml attribute based on Data which i think is not a very good idea. What i was looking for is something like chart being able to manage yAxisMaxValue automatically to display full bubble. Please let me know if it is possible to tackle this situation in the way i mentioned. Regards, Sumit
  13. Bubble Charts Bubble Displayed Incompletely

    Bindhu, Here is the XML. If you see the top most bubble is displayed on 75%. I want it to be completely visible. <chart legendPosition="RIGHT" alternateHGridColor="FFFFFF" exportEnabled="1" exportHandler="/valuechain/FCExporter" exportFileName="BubbleChart" exportAtClient="0" exportAction="download" bgAlpha="0" canvasBgAlpha="0" showValues="0" bgColor="FFFFFF" borderColor="FFFFFF" canvasborderthickness="0" canvasbordercolor="FFFFFF" borderthickness="0" caption="XYZ Bubble Chart" subCaption="09Apr2012" xAxisName="Area" yAxisName="Total"> <dataset seriesName ="1" showValues = "0"> <set x ="2.74" y ="150.96" z ="55"/> </dataset > <dataset seriesName ="2" showValues = "0"> <set x ="2.28" y ="121.40" z ="53"/> </dataset > <dataset seriesName ="3" showValues = "0"> <set x ="0.37" y ="34.91" z ="94"/> </dataset > <dataset seriesName ="4" showValues = "0"> <set x ="0.38" y ="25.92" z ="68"/> </dataset > <styles> <definition> <style name="dateSource" type="font" size="9" color="DDDDDD" bold="0"/> </definition> <application> <apply toObject="SUBCAPTION" styles="dateSource"/> </application> </styles> </chart>
  14. Currency Prefix

    Thanks for your reply bindhu. I just wanted to know whether it is possible currently or not. Thanks!!
  15. Hi All, I am using a bubble chart. In some cases were the value are near the end points, then the bubble is only half displayed. It is possible to display it completely even though value is the maximum value for that axis? Thanks, Sumit