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  1. I'm using FusionCharts via HTML files (sent from a custom web server I'm building in Delphi) along with Javascript / XML (AJAX) using XMLHttpRequest - essentially all raw code, no third-party libraries. I'm trying to figure out how to properly show / hide columns in a chart when its parent div has been resized. I will have an animation to expand a small column chart to fill the page. The small view will have just 10 columns, but the large view will have up to 50 columns. I need to figure out how to make these columns show one by one, as the div is "sliding" open, and hide them one by one when it's "sliding" closed. With my current setup, I'm just assigning the filename of the XML. I believe this will consist of sending ALL the possible data for the 50 columns, storing it temporarily in some list, and reading/assigning the raw XML data to the charts instead of the filename (which my web server handles the XML requests with dynamic data and not files anyway). However I'm not too familiar with HTML and especially javascript, and I'm sure there must already be a solution for this. Thanks for any help.
  2. Xml Generation From Delphi

    I have been building a web server in Delphi to be used for a Business Intelligence utility which is utilizing FusionCharts. There are currently over 600 possible charts which can show in this system. I've been trying to put together a general object structure encapsulating all the needed XML generation for FusionCharts. However since there are about 42 different possible types of charts, this project has quickly become a nightmare. I'm wondering if anyone has already written something to wrap this XML generation in Delphi, or at least a language similar to Delphi such as C# or C++. It just needs to be an object-oriented data structure containing all the properties of all the charts, which can generate the XML data on the fly.