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  1. FYI: 2009 (4 years ago) "We're working on it." http://forum.fusionc...n-coldfusion-8/ Roadblock, laziness, lack of concern for your CF customers? What justifies not getting the job done and leaving CF customers out in the cold (the only server platform left out in the cold) for 4 years? Seriously, explain to me why for 4 years you've ignored CF customers? BTW: Whatever this JSP "solution" is - it would be nice to see some kind of step by step guide or exactly what that post is in reference to. I mean for $3000 I expect to be spoon fed and not digging around the Internet for days trying to figure some crazy solution to a problem that should not exist. Come on - MAN UP and get the job done guys!
  2. I have a report that gets emailed daily. The report is called from CF Scheduler (not a browser window). I need that page when called by Scheduler to save the image in the CF Temp directory so that I can attach the image to an html email and send it. What you're saying is, I have absolutely no hope of your product doing this on a CF server? Again, I figured out how to do this with (the free) jQplot product that's out there (ex.!topic/jqplot-users/mlif3cBmc8A). Obviously, Fusion Charts is a much more complete and nicer looking product and I'd prefer to use it if at all possible. I'm not great fan of CF and I'd prefer not to be using it, but Corporations do love it for local Intranet server. Corporate executives and VP's *LOVE* getting reports in email and they want those reports to have graphs in them. I've also seen forum posts going back 4 years ago to 2009 asking for this feature. I mean you've got a major server platform that you've neglected adding a basic and high demand feature like this too for at least 4 years (really?). I guess I need to see about getting a refund... I'm seriously about to look stupid explaining this product can't do what we needed and I may actually have to go with the cheaper looking free product to get the job done. Ug.... oh well. Man this is irritating. Maybe I'll go with Highcharts. Looks like they're on the ball:
  3. I've been using Fusion Charts (3.0.2) for awhile at work on a CF9 server and just paid to upgrade to the newest version of the XT suite. What I need to do now that I haven't done before is save charts as images and email them in reports. I'm seeing fragments of things everywhere with no clear cut examples of exactly what to do on a CF server to save a graph as an image on the server (at render, not as the result of a user action), so it can be attached as an image to an HTML email. I understand that I'll probably need to set an image source for a graph image and then use <cfmailparam ... > to embed the image (done that a lot). Other than that I'm lost. I've spent about 4 hours google searching and looking though the manual trying to figure out. Yesterday, I downloaded and tried jqPlot (free) and figured out how to save and email charts from CF in less than an hour (seriously - that's egg on your face there). With FusionCharts I'm totally lost (which is annoying, considering how much I paid . I mean I bought this for a corporation, corporations love running CF servers on Intranets and corporate VIP's love getting reports and graphs in emails ... think on it). Seriously, I just dropped a few grand... Can I get a sample app that does this or one nice step by step guide on exactly what to do pretty please? FusionCharts is a high priced corpart-ish product, so I don't think I'm being unreasonable here about wanting an easy straightforward example (and information) on something as basic to the needs of a corporation as being able to automatically send out graph report emails. Thanks!
  4. I'm using MSLine.swf for multi-series line chart. The total number of Categories/Datasets is unknown. This chart is for a new product being launched in new markets slowly over the next two years. So, when the data is queried, the number of markets returned will increase over time. I removed explicit line coloring in the datasets and it looks likes FusionCharts is automatically choosing line colors (good). I also need to display trendlines on the graph - or more specifically threshold ranges (like green >= 98% | yellow <98% and >= 90% | red < 90%). My question is: With line colors being automatically selected, is it possible to exclude those trendline (threshold) colors? Hopefully that makes sense --- On a chart from 0% to 100% the entire background will be sections (thrednlines) of green/yellow/red). Since I have an unknown number of categories and have to allow Fusioncharts to automatically select line colors, can I prevent line colors that match or are too close to the trendline colors? Is FusionCharts smart enough to not use anything close to a set trendline color for a linecolor? I'm guessing the only way around this might be for me to create a db table for hex line colors where I can pre-define a very long list of colors that don't clash with the trendline colors (where I could dynamically apply them in order for each new dataset inserted into the XML string). Thanks for any advice.