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  1. I understand that NPM or Bower is now used for installation. In my case, the new XT files were simply copied into the existing FusionCharts directory. 1) Was this sufficient ? Or do I need to use NPM or Bower to do a proper install/upgrade ? Perhaps coincidentally, I've noticed 'SourceMap errors' in Firefox & Chrome. The only way I can remove them is to remove the source mapping line at the bottom of the associated FusionCharts files (fusionchart.js & fusioncharts.charts.js). //# sourceMappingURL=http://localhost:3052/3.12.2/map/licensed/ otherwise the following appears though everything is "working" without issue. Source map error: TypeError: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource. Resource URL: http://localhost/Collection-Lab/FusionCharts/fusioncharts.charts.js Source Map URL: http://localhost:3052/3.12.2/map/licensed/ 2) Is this related to the install not being properly executed as above - ie, no NPM, no path update, etc.
  2. Side by Side Charts

    The REAL question which most of my post discussed was regarding: a) side-by-side JS Charts . . . ; that would work on iOS (JS) and desktop browsers (Flash), and; c) with the same code and automatically. & c) were only of interest IF a) could be solved.
  3. Side by Side Charts

    Would your method work with JS chart render . . . like <% var myChartLeft = new FusionCharts ( "FusionCharts/Column3D.swf", "myChart1", "400", "300" ); var myChartRight = new FusionCharts ( "FusionCharts/Column3D.swf", "myChart2", "400", "300" ); myChartLeft.setXMLData("data1.xml"); myChartRight.setXMLData("data2.xml"); myChartLeft.render("chartContainer"); myChartRight.render("chartContainer"); %> <script type="javascript"> inlineChart("myChart1"); inlineChart("myChart2"); </script> ... This FORCES the JS charts . . . if it works. But what if I want to offer charts to non-Flash AND Flash devices ? <html> <head> <script type="text/javascript"> function inlineChart(id) { document.getElementById(id) = 'inline'; } </script> </head> <body> <---asp code here----> <script type="text/javascript"> inlineChart('chart1'); //id of first chart inlineChart('chart2'); //id of second chart </script> </body> </html> myChart = new FusionChart chart.render() chart.setXML chart.
  4. Ipad Fusioncharts Not Working

    ALL .js files are in dir as required. I don't want to FORCE JS charts . . . this will run on iPad AND desktop. When I force JS charts as specified . . . does not work on desktop, either.
  5. Code below works fine on desktop . . . but not on iPad. I can create simple HTML (like your weekly sales example) and it works. But this does not. XML is "well-formed", confirmed in a number of editors and in browser window. The DIVs below are selected via a multi-select . . . "Report->Product" producing two graphs (the "overall" and one constituent). <div id="GraphProduct"> <!-- CREDIT LOSS --> <div id="CA1" style="" class="graphproductdiv"> <span id="report">Report</span> <span id="product">Product</span> <script type="text/javascript"> // FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('JavaScript'); //FusionCharts._fallbackJSChartWhenNoFlash(); var myProduct = FusionCharts.render("./FusionCharts/MSLine.swf", "myProductId", "480", "360", "report", "./App_Files/dataCL_M<%=ModuleIndex%>_<%=SessionKey%>_<%=RoundSuffix%>.xml"); var myReport = FusionCharts.render("./FusionCharts/MSLine.swf", "myReportId", "480", "360", "product", "./App_Files/dataCL_Unsecured_M<%=ModuleIndex%>_<%=SessionKey%>_<%=RoundSuffix%>.xml"); </script> </div> <div id="CA2" class="graphproductdiv"> <span id="span1">Report</span> <span id="span2">Product</span> <script type="text/javascript"> var myProduct = FusionCharts.render("./FusionCharts/MSLine.swf", "myProductId", "480", "360", "span1", "./App_Files/dataCL_M<%=ModuleIndex%>_<%=SessionKey%>_<%=RoundSuffix%>.xml"); var myReport = FusionCharts.render("./FusionCharts/MSLine.swf", "myReportId", "480", "360", "span2", "./App_Files/dataCL_Secured_M<%=ModuleIndex%>_<%=SessionKey%>_<%=RoundSuffix%>.xml"); </script> </div>
  6. Draggable Line Chart (Dragline.swf)

    Bindhu, Thank you very much. It makes the chart behave exactly as I desire once the numDivLines is set properly. BTW, I lived in Bangalore for 6 years . . . Indiranagar. Kurt
  7. Draggable Line Chart (Dragline.swf)

    Hi, I've been experimenting with the PowerCharts DRAGGABLE LINE CHART (DragLine.swf). My goal is to use the "chart" as a control permitting users to SET values with the line chart. For instance, consider that the chart is used to "forecast" some economic parameter like Employment. Users would set their "forecasted" values for each quarter and then these would be posted to the server for future storage and use. I'm having a problem in that if my vertical axis values are 0-10 I can select say "9" but the actual point on the graph seems to be at 8.8 or 9.2 (it doesn't look great). Is there a way to make ONLY integer values settable and therefore post-able ? I have been able to have only integer values display, so that even when it appears to the eye that the node is on x.8 or x.2 the actual hover display value is 'x'. I've attached my XML. Thanks, Kurt UnemploymentDragNode.xml