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  1. Remove A Fusion Chart

    HI !! How can i remove a fusionchart from FusionChart, 'cause i can see for example FusionCharts.item.IDchart.remove(); //error or something like that, from javascript..... i need to remove a chart from array .... regards!!
  2. #25081843 Mychart110.render Error

    thanks again !! well about error i got it but i'm not doing this ...... if you see i create in my codebehind i got this ... FusionCharts.RenderChart(string.Concat("../FusionChart/XT/", tipoGrafico, ".swf"), "", "<chart></chart>", string.Concat("Mychart", this.DashboardID, this.DashletID), "300", "300", false, true); this code creates a div empty with id="MyChart12Div" for example so in clientside i find each div and i set the UrlXml and i render it at div that itselft create in this case MyChart12Div. for example : in codebehind create a div call "MyChart12Div" , in my client side i search all div fusionchart with Jquery => j('Div[id^=Mychart]') and foreach i do var cantidad = j('Div[id^=Mychart]').length; for (var con = 0; con < cantidad; con++) { for my variable call _Chartid i get from div name and i less the last 3 letters "Div" and i got my charid => "MyChart12"-"Div" var _Chartid = j('Div[id^=Mychart]')[con].id.substring(0, j('Div[id^=Mychart]')[con].id.length - 3); //Chartid var XMLURL = "../Dashboard/fusionchart.aspx?d=" + d + "&ds=" + ds; => in this case will be d=1 and ds=2 FusionCharts.items[_Chartid].setXMLUrl(XMLURL); FusionCharts.items[_Chartid].render(); } if i remove the instruction FusionCharts.items[_Chartid].render(); the errors disapir but i don't have chart So if i don't remove the chart no show just only i move the panel that conteins the div . As you can see i delete the variable var Chart in my first code , because i thougth that maybe the variable var Chart created another chart for example with the same properties but it doesn't work ... this error i just got in Chrome ...... so I never got a var mychart=fusionchart("...urlchartswf",mychar......); i just find the object created and i set URLXML....
  3. #25081843 Mychart110.render Error

    thanks for answer me .. well my global variables are these: var postponedCallbackRequired = false; var trayectoria; var PanelList = ''; var open = false; var _dialog; var bandera = false; var createdashboard = false; var dl = ''; var _conect = false; var index; var value; var dialogo; var count; well i forgot how can i resize the chart , 'cause first it show 300 x 300 and then show 100% x 100% , how can i show 100% and 100 % , in document ready for example it show me the width=0 and heigth =0 so after it draw i can resize it.
  4. Hi , i got a error in js like "#25081843 Mychart110.render Error >> #25081843:IECompatibility() Chart Id is same as a JavaScript variable name. Variable naming error. Please use unique name for chart JS variable, chart-id and container id." in webkit (Crome17). i was searching i found in yours forums that happens because my variable is named like my chartid , but this not my case , well i think.i couldn't find what is the error. Also i was reading in the forum something like dashboard and dashlet, i'm working something like that too. Let me explain , i'm using and devexpress control. I 've created a user control where in there i put a literal, but i create the usercontrol dynamically and sometimes i had troubles in callback with devexpress so i create just only in codebehind the <Div></Div> and in the clientside i render the chart with XMLurl and work's good in firefox and IE. the problem is in Chrome and in the page load show like "no data" , until that you move the dashlet it charge the chart. Well my part of code is like this.... In acsx -Codebehind protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { string tipoGrafico="Bar2D.swf" ; //for example Literal l = new Literal(); l.ID = string.Concat("lit_", this.ClientID); 4 example 1 and 2 l.Text = InfoSoftGlobal.FusionCharts.RenderChart(string.Concat("../FusionChart/XT/", tipoGrafico, ".swf"), "", "<chart></chart>", string.Concat("Mychart", this.DashboardID, this.DashletID), "300", "300", false, true); } this , create a div <div id="MyChart12"></div> And in my file javascript i have : j(document).ready(function () { updateChart(); }; function updateChart(chart) { var _chart = chart; if (window.parent.bandera == false) { // this is for the first time window.parent.bandera = true; var cantidad = j('Div[id^=Mychart]').length; // i found how many div fusionchart i have for (var con = 0; con < cantidad; con++) { //I get the ID for example "Mychart12" var _Chartid = j('Div[id^=Mychart]')[con].id.substring(0, j('Div[id^=Mychart]')[con].id.length - 3); //Chartid //concat id+"Div" ="Mychart12Div" var _chartDiv = _Chartid + "Div"; // this is logic var _string = j("#" + _chartDiv).parent().parent().find('label').text(); //Label var d = _string.split('&')[0].split('-')[0]; //d var ds = _string.split('&')[0].split('-')[1]; //ds // logic end // this is my XMLURL var XMLURL = "../Dashboard/fusionchart.aspx?d=" + d + "&ds=" + ds; //"&currTime=" + getTimeForURL(); if (window.parent.FusionCharts(_Chartid) != undefined) { var Chart = FusionCharts.items[_Chartid]; // i get the object fusion Chart.setXMLUrl(XMLURL); //set XMLURL Chart.render(_chartDiv); // and render the chart in the div container which is the "MyChart12Div" //here is because i want to resize() to 100% width and heigth j("#" + _chartDiv).bind("fusionchartsdrawcomplete", function (e, args) { var _width = j(this).width(); var _height = j(this).height(); j("#" +; j("#" +; }); } else { var cptype = window.parent.callbackPanelTab.cptype; Chart = new FusionCharts("../FusionChart/XT/" + cptype + ".swf", _Chartid, "300", "300", "0", "1"); Chart = FusionCharts.items[_Chartid]; Chart.setXMLUrl(XMLURL); Chart.render(_chartDiv); j("#" + _chartDiv).bind("fusionchartsdrawcomplete", function (e, args) { var _width = j(this).width(); var _height = j(this).height(); j("#" +; j("#" +; }); } } //fin del for } //fin de la condicion } //fin del funcion the xmlURL it's fine because i can see the xml ..... i add in my page the following scripts..but it's not work and jquery . <script type="text/javascript" language="Javascript" src="../FusionChart/XT/FusionCharts.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" language="Javascript" src="../FusionChart/XT/FusionCharts.HC.Charts.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" language="Javascript" src="../FusionChart/XT/FusionCharts.HC.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" language="Javascript" src="../FusionChart/XT/FusionCharts.jqueryplugin.js"></script> i attached a couple images