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  1. Multiple graphs container

    Hi folks, Currently we have a bulk xml file containing multiple datasets (Site1 response times, Site2 response etc..) Currently I'm plotting them using a line chart per Site which contains about 16 sites now. But the alignment and sizing etc.. I need to manually do, causing much of maintenance headache. So my query is 1. Is there a container to accomodate multiple graphs? (So that drag and drop would align them side by side / vertically etc and fit them correctly). I have seen tool called "Splunk" having those functionality but with their internal graphing tool 2. Anyway to create multiple line graphs by providing a single data-source automatically? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi Fusion team I've started fusioncharts as part of new project as our vendor provided fusioncharts as part of their product. I thought the powercharts satisfied all needs and Hence i pushed for buying the license.. But after started working, it seems there are some missing element. Key things missing 1. Power charts - Node charts can only do one connection between a node to another node. So not able to do any flow-chart diagrams or technical models as multiple flows/feeds are between each servers 2. Power chart labels - the labels are just limited to horizontal orientation. Can this be made flexible? 3. Connector arrows - Is it possible to use external styling for connectors? cheers diaryfolio
  3. Guys, How to put CSS class details into DragNode elements like <dataset> and <connectors> ? <connector from='${ls.source[0]}' to='${ls.destination[0]}' color='${linkcolor}' strength='1.5' alpha='100' arrowAtStart='0' arrowAtEnd='1' link='' label='${llabel}' /> This is what we wanted to do for a data driven view. The data is fetched in a loop using FTL and fed into the connector element. All works fine. currently the ${linkcolor} is a color hex code (eg BB0000) , but if I want to change it into a class how can I do it? I have a class for defining all ERROR and the line should show RED color. I have a class called ERROR which I can substitute?