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  1. Thanks Ayan... I don't know what else to say. Is visible on our end. It was detected by automated tests as they were failing. Then we were able to see the same problem with the example on your page, on different computers.
  2. Any update on this? Guys, is your software, I am trying to help by reporting the issue. At least reply!
  3. Ayan, it is happening only on 1920 x 1080 resolution. If you zoom the image I uploaded, the difference in quality is visible. I am using the example posted on your website. I have to mention that at the moment I am using a 2560 x 1600 resolution and I am not seeing the problem. If I change to 1920 x 1080 I can see the problem.
  4. Chart image quality in version 3.12.1 has decreased significantly. Previously we were using 3.9.0 and the quality of the generated charts was good. After upgrade, we have noticed that charts quality went down significantly. Column bar edges, for example, is not sharp, but blurry. I have attached a screenshot with a Fiddle. The example is the one you have in your website. After a investigation we have found the cause to be the x and y values of the <rect /> that are not integers. When the numbers are integers, the edges look fine. See attached image. We have noticed that this happens on some resolutions only. From our experience, you will be able to reproduce the issue on 1920x1080 resolutions.
  5. Hi, Please see the below screenshot. I don't have 0 on the Y axis. Can you help with a suggestion? Thanks, Iulian
  6. yAxisMinValue is not considered

    Swarnam, thank you for the reply. Unfortunately this does not work. I want the yaxisminvalue to be -50000 (-50K)and the y axis to be scaled properly. In this case, the solution would be to have 5 div lines for negative values (because we have 5 div lines for positive values). Which means the negative value, which is -30000 (-30K) in my case, will be visible. In your attached example, as in mine, the visible part of the negative is only 1-2 mm and it is very easy to miss. If needed we can take the discussion outside the forums and provide test cases and even show you a demo of what I want. I am looking forward to your reply. Thanks, Iulian
  7. yAxisMinValue is not considered

    Hi Swarnam, Let me know if you need me to provide any other information. If you could provide me with the not-minified version of FusionCharts source code, I could implement this feature and commit it in your repositories so it will be available with your next release. Thanks, Iulian
  8. yAxisMinValue is not considered

    Hi Swarnam, Any update on this issue? Thanks, Iulian
  9. yAxisMinValue is not considered

    Hi Swarnam, Thanks for looking closely into this issue. Please find the JSON data attached. I am using a Multi-series 2D Single Y chart. Let me know if I can provide any other information which may be useful for debugging. Note that the JSON is generated dynamically in the backend based on DB data. Thank you. Iulian data.json.zip
  10. yAxisMinValue is not considered

    Hi, Any update? Is there a way to override these limits? Thanks, Iulian
  11. yAxisMinValue is not considered

    No, it is still not working. More details: Y max value goes up to 60M. Y min value goes down to -10K. Now the problem is that minimum value displayed on the Y axis is -15M, and this makes the -10K value look very small, barely visible. If I set the value to -100K, it is not considered. If I set it to -1M, then it is considered but the number of divisional lines is less and my -10K is still barely visible. Let me know if I can add any more information. Thank you. Iulian
  12. Hi, I am getting the following value repeated multiple times: Invalid value for <text> attribute x="Infinity". Not sure how to fix it. Any idea why can it appear and how to avoid it? Many thanks, Iulian
  13. Hi, I am trying to set yAxisMinValue on the table but it is not being applied. I attached a screenshot. Any idea how to fix this? Thank you, Iulian
  14. captionPadding

    Hi, I am setting captionPadding on an Angular Gauge but it seems to have no effect. I attached an image for you to see how it looks. Thanks, Iulian
  15. Source Code

    Sumedh, we have a license for FusionOps. When I go to Product Update Center I have two download links to choose from -- Developer and Site. Which should I download in order to get the code not minified? Thanks, Iulian