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  1. Thousandseparator Not Working

    Hello! Any news on this matter?
  2. Hello! The attribute thousandSeparator='.' does not work for these chart types: Column3D, MSColumn3D and StackedCharts, when rendered in Flash. All of them work fine when rendered in Javascript (on iPhone and iPad). decimalSeparator also works as expected on both rendering methods (Flash and Javascript). I'm using licensed FusionCharts XT (3.2.2). Below is the XML for a Column3D chart: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?> <chart caption="7.01 - Evolução das Liberações Financeiras do Tesouro do Estado de São Paulo" xAxisName="Ano" yAxisName="Total em R$" inDecimalSeparator="," inThousandSeparator="." showBorder="1" borderColor="CCCCCC" borderThickness="2" pallete="2" animation="1" formatnumberscale="0" decimals="2" forceDecimals="1" forceYAxisValueDecimals="0" showValues="1" exportEnabled="1" exportAtClient="0" bgColor="F2FCFD" aboutMenuItemLabel='Sobre o FusionCharts' exportAction='download' exportDialogMessage='Adquirindo dados: ' exportFormats='JPG=Salvar em JPG|PDF=Salvar em PDF|PNG=Salvar em PNG' exportHandler='FCExporter' exportFileName="Gráfico 7.01" decimalSeparator=',' thousandSeparator='.'> <set label="2006" value="" /> <set label="2007" value="2.369.207.876" /> <set label="2008" value="2.871.105.162" /> <set label="2009" value="2.898.991.303,2" /> <set label="2010" value="3.382.969.011,7" /> <set label="2011" value="3.744.632.866,4" /> </chart> Looking forward for a solution! Thanks in advance! Rafael Rossi