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  1. Image Quality On Export

    I am trying to export out my charts as jpegs and was wondering if there is an option that I can use, where the image quality is better than the attached image. This is how I am doing the export: var chartObject2 = getChartFromId('ReportAver'); if (chartObject2.hasRendered()) chartObject2.exportChart();
  2. Changing Graph Background Colours

    I ended up figuring out how to change the background colours, or at least turning that feature off, I do have a question related to the graph itself. Is it possible to remove the borders off the bars themselves?
  3. I was wondering if it is possible to change the background colours on the chart, see the attached image to what I am talking about.
  4. Exporting Charts To Individual Images

    thanks for passing this on, I downloaded the zip file, now I just need to integrate it into my site. Only problem that I can see right now is that it requires flash player to be installed on the server, and this site is going to run in a shared environment, so I will have to come up with an alternative solution for that. Otherwise this exactly what I was looking, thanks again.
  5. Exporting Charts To Individual Images

    I will drop them a line., is .net 4 based or earlier?
  6. Exporting Charts To Individual Images

    I was initially trying to get them to do it without have to render in the browser, but I was not seeing anyway around this, so I did find a solution that kind of work. However, this has a side affect that I really dont like. so what I have done is set up js function, that I call from a button click event which exports the graph using a function called ExportChart (or somehthing like that, I don't have the code of front of me). This calls my handler and exports the graphs to the server, which is all fine, except for when you right click on the graph. it still lets you save, but everything gets written to the server. In the ideal world, I would like to give the end user the ability to save the graphs individual, but also to have a option that will save them to the server and kick off the pdf build process. That incorporates the graph images into the pdf, hence that is why I though it was possible to do this on the server without rendering the charts.
  7. Is it possible to export the individual graphs with my report out as individual images, which can be referenced within an pdf, without having to right click a graph to generate the image? I would like to do this server side, so any help on this would be appreciated.