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  1. Labels Get In The Way Of Drilldown Link

    This is probably not going to help you but I submitted this a few weeks ago and they said they fixed it 'internally' so I'm not sure when they will release that: http://forum.fusionc...-after-upgrade/
  2. I don't think I had this problem in the previous version, but after upgrading to the latest version of FusionMaps XT, the labels inside a region are not clickable when a link is available. For example, I have a county map of the state of Georgia and all my counties have drill-down links that update other graphs. If you hover your mouse over the label inside a county region, it is not clickable. You will need to find an area outside of the labels to be able to click on a region for to access the drill-down. Does that make sense? The problem with this is, with smaller map renders, when the mouse is over a label, you would think that the drill-down link is not working.
  3. Nevermind, I saw the problem, it was this line: <color minValue='0' maxValue='0' displayValue='0' color='F8F8F8'/>
  4. Hi, Was there a change in the format of defining the color range of a map in the latest version of FusionMaps XT? I updated the files and the legend and the colorrange are not working after the update. Here's a snippet of the XML generated: <map toolTipBgColor='FFFFFF' showBevel='0' showMarkerLabels='1' fillColor='CCCCCC' borderColor='000000' showCanvasBorder='0' baseFont='Arial' baseFontSize='12' markerFontColor='000000' markerFontSize='12' legendPosition='bottom' useHoverColor='1' showMarkerToolTip='1'> <colorRange> <color minValue='0' maxValue='0' displayValue='0' color='F8F8F8'/> <color minValue='1' maxValue='26' displayValue='1 - 25' color='f0e3d4'/> <color minValue='26' maxValue='50' displayValue='26 - 50' color='e2c9aa'/> <color minValue='50' maxValue='100' displayValue='51 -100' color='c59353'/> <color minValue='100' maxValue='300' displayValue='101 - 300' color='936e3e'/> <color minValue='300' maxValue='20000' displayValue='301+' color='62492a'/> </colorRange> Also, I saw in the documentation that you are using 'code' instead of 'color', I tried that but the colors and legend are still not displaying.
  5. Hi, So I have a drill-down chart and I update it using setXMLUrl(); When on the 1st level of the chart it works fine but if I'm inside the child chart, when I call the update, nothing happens. So is there a way to either: update the child chart or reset back to the parent chart?
  6. One Xml Multiple Charts

    Got ya. I'll try that, thanks.
  7. One Xml Multiple Charts

    Hi, Is it possible to provide data to multiple charts using one XML stream? For example: <set value="160" otherValue="120"> I would like to use 'value' to provide data for one chart and 'otherValue' to be the data points for a separate chart on the same page. Thanks.
  8. Next Version Of Fusion Maps

    Sounds awesome!
  9. Is there already a date for the next version of Fusion Maps? I'm hoping there's a JS/SVG fallback for the next version. Thanks.
  10. Change Country Color With Javascript

    Any updates on the attached demo? I tried using this too to do the same thing but the function getMapFromId() returns NULL. I have registerJS enabled. Thanks!
  11. HI, How do you disable the Download Flash alert when you are viewing a page wit FusionMaps with a browser with no flash such as in the iPad? I know in FusionCharts there is detectFlashVersion='0' autoInstallRedirect='0'. Thanks!
  12. Bullet Chart - No Javascript Fallback

    Thanks! That's fixed my problem.
  13. Hi, We're using FusionWidgets XT (v3.2). I know that in the demos, the Bullet Graphs do render using javascript as I viewed it on an iPad. For some reason though, my implementation says "Chart Has No Javascript Fallback" but works fine on browsers with flash enabled. Can somebody please advise? Thanks!