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  1. Simply does not work. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I am using a scatter chart (scatter.swf)?
  2. Thank Pallev, but I already tried that. Does not render the <BR> as HTML. I did creat the style definition from the demo code and applied it to both TRENDLINES and TRENDVALUES with no luck.
  3. I have a rather long displayValue for a horizontal trend line. Is there a way to insert a line break? For example: <line startValue='1' valueOnRight='1' displayValue='This is line 1. I want this on line 2.' />
  4. Trend Zones

    Is is possible to create a trend zone that begins at the chart bottom and ends at a specified y position? I am using setAdaptiveYMin, so I do not know ahead of time what my yAxisMinValue is. I have tried: <line startValue='$chartStartY' endValue='5<%=prevy%>' color='FF0000' alpha='5' isTrendZone='1'> It appears that $chartStartY can only be used in style macros?