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  1. Linear Gauge: Lowerlimit Is Not Affected

    Hi I am facing same problem lowerlimit value any thing above 0 always show 0 but in case if I put less then 0 i.e -10 or -11 it shows correctly. I did check with angular or linear gauge both same result. <chart bgColor="FFFFFF" bgAlpha="0" showBorder="0" lowerLimit="11" upperLimit="1410" gaugeStartAngle="180" gaugeEndAngle="0" palette="1" showValue="1" autoScale="1" pointerBgColor="FFFFFF" pointerBorderColor="000000" chartTopMargin="25" chartBottomMargin="0"><colorRange><color minValue="11" maxValue="282" code="FF654F"/><color minValue="282" maxValue="705" code="F6BD0F"/><color minValue="705" maxValue="1410" code="8BBA00"/></colorRange><dials><dial value="0" rearExtension="10" valueX="100" valueY="0"/></dials><pointers><pointer value="0" /></pointers><annotations><annotationGroup><annotation type="text" label="Angular" font="Verdana" xPos="10" yPos="12" align="left" vAlign="left" fontcolor="333333" fontSize="10" isbold="1"/></annotationGroup></annotations></chart> Thanks
  2. Hi Does Bullet Graph widget support setData() method to set widget value at runtime. SetData working for rest of widgets but not for Bullet Graph. I did try setChartData() by passing xml but it redraw whole widget instaed of moving value gauge. Thanks