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  1. Size Customization

    Hi Sumedh, Thanks for update but I tried it on device and I am using JavaScript not HTML embedding but still not working properly. Thanks, Ankur Gupta
  2. Size Customization

    Hi, I tried to customizethe size of the chart by help of given code (myChart.resizeTo( "200","50" ) but it’s not working on Android 2.2 Emulator, Please referscreen shot below. Thanks, Ankur Gupta
  3. Customized Event Handling

    Hi Sumedha, Thanks for the update but as I said above to implement click event functionality we will be requiring 'LINK' attribute in XML tag but if we are dealing with 'JSON' in that case how we will be able to achieve that. As I found one example in fusion chart forum it has 'LINK' attribute with XML for click event handling but has nothing for JSON. Please suggest. Ankur Gupta
  4. Size Customization

    Hi, I am using fusion chart with sencha touch 2.0 where This issue is occuring only on Android mobile or Android emulator. Please suggest. Thanks, Ankur Gupta
  5. Customized Event Handling

    Hi, As per the suggestion I have gone through with the above given url but didn't find any suitable solution for my problem. Provided events doesn't contain click event functinality, Though to handle this we can go for XML link attribute but my problem is I am using JSON with sencha touch 2.0 where I require to handle click event on the Data plots to redirect to any webpage. Please suggest. Thanks, Ankur Gupta
  6. Size Customization

    Hi, please provide help over Fusion Chart height width customization over code. Thanks, Ankur Gupta
  7. Customized Event Handling

    Hi, Is it possible to to implement event handling in fusion chart ex: mouse click . Thanks, Ankur Gupta