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  1. Special Characters Issue With 'displayvalue' Attribute

    Thanks a lot! Hope it 's not a bug, just my mistake. Thanks again for your good job!
  2. Special Characters Issue With 'displayvalue' Attribute

    Program language is Java(JavaEE),speak Chinese language . Thanks for reply.
  3. Hi, Fusion Charts Team. There's a Issue with special characters in Heat Map Charts. caption, subcaption, xaxisname,yaxisname,label,rowid,columnid, almostly everything is ok ,but the displayValue attribute. This is JSON Data: {"chart": {"caption": "关键文档上传情况","xaxisname": "文档名称/统计","yaxisname": "项目阶段","bgcolor": "CACBEE"},"dataset": [{"data": [{"rowid": "计划","columnid": "周一","value": "100"},{"rowid": "计划","columnid": "周二","value": "100"},{"rowid": "计划","columnid": "周三","value": "0"},{"rowid": "计划","columnid": "周二","value": "100"},{"rowid": "计划","columnid": "周五","value": "0"},{"rowid": "施工","columnid": "周一","value": "0","displayValue":"你好"},{"rowid": "施工","columnid": "周二","value": "100"}, {"rowid": "施工","columnid": "周三","value": "100","displayValue":"你好"}, { "rowid": "施工","columnid": "周二","value": "100","displayValue":"你好,There is Problem with 'displayValue' attr."},{"rowid": "施工","columnid": "周五","value": "0"},{"rowid": "收尾","columnid": "周一","value": "100"},{"rowid": "收尾","columnid": "周二","value": "100","displayValue":"你好"},{"rowid": "收尾","columnid": "周三","value": "0"},{"rowid": "收尾","columnid": "周二","value": "0","displayValue":"English","tooltext":"中文,ToolTip Is Right, See ?"},{"rowid": "收尾","columnid": "周五","value": "100"}]}],"colorrange": {"gradient": "0","minvalue": "0","code": "F1C4EE","startlabel": "Very Bad","endlabel": "Very Good","color": [{"code": "FF716C","minvalue": "0","maxvalue": "50","label": "未上传"},{"code": "79D379","minvalue": "50","maxvalue": "100","label": "已上传"}]}} and I also have tried xml format, with utf-8 bom, add '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>',anything I could found in this way. Can anybody help me? I'v poor English, so have a look about the data and picture. Thank you !