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  1. Hi Shamasis, I would like to ask for more details on this error. I am working on single-page JS application, which provides data in reports displayed in jQuery tabs. I encounter this error few months ago, but it does not happen all the time. That is why it is not critical for me, rather annoying. However this makes it hard to reproduce and fix. I believe it was related with timing. Maybe container was not ready on time? This is really hard to explain, because I render HTML template and attach result to DOM (with jQuery) and later I run code that parses and loads JSON data and creates chart. Regrards,
  2. Javascript Charts Incompatible With Jquery 1.7.2

    Thanks, that is very good information! I will try to run charts later this week. Sorry for bothering you, I have searched your page for updated package before posting, but I was confused by the same version (v3.2.2). I mush have missed service release. Best regards.
  3. Hi guys, Quick question. Do you plan to update Javascript charts in order to make it compatible with the recent jQuery package (1.7.2)? I have used flash charts so far, but yesterday I tried Javascript and I think they are really cool. All examples delivered in the package are fully functioning. However they use jQuery 1.4.2 which is quite out of date at the moment. I tried to use charts in my application which heavily depends on the latest jQuery (1.7.2) and charts seem to be broken. For example line chart misses lines, column 3D chart misses columns (only top of the column appears). I did not test more charts, but problem seems to be related with the version of jQuery. When I had swapped library in one of the examples (previously working) it stopped working correctly. Best regards.