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  1. Also, I noticed one other issue with the same chart on my iPad, which also doesn't happen in desktop Safari. Notice that the scroll bar's thumb control increases in height when it is being dragged. Why does it do this?
  2. It's not possible to hover on an iPad; it's only possible to tap. Did you watch the video? It's pretty clear that it is not working properly in that video, which was captured from the iPad simulator running iOS 5.1. I've attached a zipped directory containing the files that Mobile Safari was pointing at. You can unzip them and navigate to it on an iPad or the simulator, and you'll see the same thing.
  3. Sorry for the delay in responding to this. Here's a video that shows the behaviour we're describing. It does not behave like this in Safari for a desktop computer. I took this video from the iPad Simulator, but exactly the same behaviour occurs on an iPad 1/2/3 as well. If you'd like, I can open up my web server so that you can see it, if you have an iPad to test on.
  4. I'm using ScrollLine2D charts in an iPad app. When the user taps on one data point, causing a caption to be shown, and then taps on another data point somewhere else on the chart, the caption animates from data point 1 to data point 2, then back to data point 1, and then finally back to data point 2. When I graph the same data using ScrollColumn2D and tap on one bar and then another, the animation smoothly moves the caption from bar 1 to bar 2, without jumping back and forth. Is there something I can configure to remove this strange animation for the ScrollLine2D chart?
  5. I'm using ScrollLine2D javascript charts in an iPad app. We're finding that when a user taps between two of the data points on the chart, it is acting as if the user clicked on one of the two data points. Is the size of the clickable area around the datapoint configurable in any way?
  6. Scrollbar Size On Ipad

    Perfect, thanks very much!
  7. Scrollbar Size On Ipad

    Is it possible to adjust the height of horizontal scrollbars on the iPad to make it easier to scroll? The standard scroll bar height makes it difficult to tap; users usually need to tap 2 or 3 times before hitting the right spot. I'm using ScrollColumn2D. Thanks, Greg