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  1. Multiaxis Inverse?

    I'm with the same need of 'fusionchartfan'. I suggest you consider to release this functionality on the next versions.
  2. Feeding Real Time Data By Javascript Method Feeddata()

    Yeah, I got it! I switched from flash to JavaScript rendering mode. Like in http://docs.fusioncharts.com/widgets/Contents/FirstChart/UsingPureJS.html#force Voila. Tanks my fiends... Tanks for your heps.
  3. Feeding Real Time Data By Javascript Method Feeddata()

    Hi, shamasis... Yeah, the chart rendered successfully, but the method doesn't work. And yeah, I'm calling the method after the chart has been rendered.However, I'm tanks for your help.
  4. Feeding Real Time Data By Javascript Method Feeddata()

    Hi, Sashibhusan... I'm very tanks for your help.I had tested this sample application, but it didn't worked here. The chart rendered successfully, however the method doesn't work. I'm debugging with firebug tool and it shows a message error like "chartRef.feedData is not a function". It's being curious... It must be a detail I'm not finding out. I've tested on mozila and IE navigators. So, let's see what I can do. If you discover something, please tell me. Thanks a lot.
  5. I can't feed real time data on chart bay using the javascript method feedData(). The example shown in docmentation doesn't work. The method feedData() isn't recognized. There is not any running example on docs. Do someone has used this feature? Please, tell me how to.