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  1. Hi, I am facing a issue in fusion chart version 3.2.3 for flash chart rendering. Please go through following link: http://www.fusioncha...le-and-xycharts Open the second bubble chart from the list and switch between flash and JavaScript. In javascript version X axis is showing 100% while in flash it is showing only 80%. I am facing same issues while developing a bubble chart in my website. Please let me know if there is any setting or what I need to do. Regards, Nitin
  2. Hi, I have a issue of useEllipsesWhenOverflow not working for javascript version for Stacked Column 2D chart. Please find attached screenshots of flash and JavaScript version Please see the title on X-Axis for javascript chart. It is cutting at the edge, even we have set useEllipsesWhenOverflow. In flash version it is working fine. Following is my XML code: <chart yAxisMaxValue="182" yAxisMinValue="0" interactiveLegend="0" labelDisplay="Rotate" staggerLines="3" chartLeftMargin="10" slantLabels="1" useEllipsesWhenOverflow="1" maxLabelWidthPercent="50" showValues="0" anchorRadius="1" rotateLabels="1" showBorder="0"> <categories> <category label="Carotid Artery Angioplasty"></category> <category label="Coronary Angioplasty"></category> <category label="Coronary IVUS"></category> <category label="Coronary RFA"></category> <category label="CryoPlasty Therapy"></category> </categories> <dataset SeriesName="BC"> <set value="2" toolText="BC, 2" /> <set value="1" toolText="BC, 1" /> <set value="0" toolText="BC, 0" /> <set value="0" toolText="BC, 0" /> <set value="1" toolText="BC, 1" /> </dataset> <dataset SeriesName="Blogs"> <set value="151" toolText="Blogs, 151" /> <set value="150" toolText="Blogs, 150" /> <set value="22" toolText="Blogs, 22" /> <set value="84" toolText="Blogs, 84" /> <set value="149" toolText="Blogs, 149" /> </dataset> <dataset SeriesName="Boards"> <set value="140" toolText="Boards, 140" /> <set value="63" toolText="Boards, 63" /> <set value="30" toolText="Boards, 30" /> <set value="165" toolText="Boards, 165" /> <set value="118" toolText="Boards, 118" /> </dataset> <dataset SeriesName="FB"> <set value="2" toolText="FB, 2" /> <set value="0" toolText="FB, 0" /> <set value="0" toolText="FB, 0" /> <set value="3" toolText="FB, 3" /> <set value="4" toolText="FB, 4" /> </dataset> <dataset SeriesName="MB"> <set value="63" toolText="MB, 63" /> <set value="98" toolText="MB, 98" /> <set value="12" toolText="MB, 12" /> <set value="33" toolText="MB, 33" /> <set value="114" toolText="MB, 114" /> </dataset> <dataset SeriesName="Usenet"> <set value="25" toolText="Usenet, 25" /> <set value="3" toolText="Usenet, 3" /> <set value="0" toolText="Usenet, 0" /> <set value="7" toolText="Usenet, 7" /> <set value="3" toolText="Usenet, 3" /> </dataset> <dataset SeriesName="Video"> <set value="1" toolText="Video, 1" /> <set value="4" toolText="Video, 4" /> <set value="1" toolText="Video, 1" /> <set value="1" toolText="Video, 1" /> <set value="2" toolText="Video, 2" /> </dataset> <styles> <definition> <style name="myLabelsFont" type="font" font="Arial" size="12" color="6C6C6C" /> <style name="myLegendFont" type="font" font="Arial" size="12" color="FFFFFF" /> </definition> <application> <apply toObject="DATAPLOT" styles="" /> <apply toObject="DataLabels" styles="" /> <apply toObject="Legend" styles="" /> </application> </styles> </chart> Please give me suggestions!! Thanks
  3. Display Issue In Bubble Chart For Flash Rendering

    Hi, Thanks for your prompt reply. But value for x element from the set attributes is coming dynamically so i cannot change it other wise it will change the position of the bubble. I want to show it in the range of 0-100 in spite of none of my x element having value more than 90. In javascript it is rendering properly. Please advise. Regards, Nitin