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  1. Mobile Browser Issues - Invalid Data

    Ignore the url='' those are not part of my data...
  2. Mobile Browser Issues - Invalid Data

    <chart showBorder='[url=""]0[/url]' caption='' numberSuffix='' lineThickness='[url=""]2[/url]' showValues='[url=""]0[/url]' formatNumberScale='[url=""]0[/url]' anchorRadius='[url=""]3[/url]' divLineAlpha='[url=""]20[/url]' divLineColor='[url=""]2b5a9d[/url]' divLineIsDashed='[url=""]0[/url]' showAlternateHGridColor='[url=""]1[/url]' alternateHGridColor='[url=""]aec5e5[/url]' shadowAlpha='[url=""]40[/url]' labelStep='[url=""]1[/url]' numvdivlines='[url=""]5[/url]' chartRightMargin='[url=""]35[/url]' bgColor='[url=""]FFFFFF,FFFFFF[/url]' bgAngle='[url=""]270[/url]' bgAlpha='[url=""]10,10[/url]' alternateHGridAlpha='[url=""]5[/url]' yAxisMaxValue='[url=""]500[/url]' legendPosition ='[url=""]RIGHT [/url]'> <categories > <category label='[url=""]Q3-2011[/url]' /> <category label='[url=""]Q4-2011[/url]' /> <category label='[url=""]Q1-2012[/url]' /> <category label='[url=""]Q2-2012[/url]' /> <category label='[url=""]Q3-2012[/url]' /> <category label='[url=""]Q4-2012[/url]' /> <category label='[url=""]Q1-2013[/url]' /> <category label='[url=""]Q2-2013[/url]' /> </categories> <dataset seriesName='[url=""]Physician Referral Total Calls [/url]' color='[url=""]1D8BD1[/url]' anchorBorderColor='[url=""]1D8BD1[/url]' anchorBgColor='[url=""]1D8BD1[/url]'> <set value='[url=""]2048.00[/url]' /> <set value='[url=""]2763.00[/url]' /> <set value='[url=""]3123.00[/url]' /> <set value='[url=""]3980.00[/url]' /> <set value='[url=""]5451.00[/url]' /> <set value='[url=""]5631.00[/url]' /> <set value='[url=""]5672.00[/url]' /> <set value='[url=""]5920.00[/url]' /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='[url=""]Physician Referral Total Appointment Requests [/url]' color='[url=""]757573[/url]' anchorBorderColor='[url=""]757573[/url]' anchorBgColor='[url=""]757573[/url]'> <set value='[url=""]464.00[/url]' /> <set value='[url=""]298.00[/url]' /> <set value='[url=""]726.00[/url]' /> <set value='[url=""]1709.00[/url]' /> <set value='[url=""]2288.00[/url]' /> <set value='[url=""]2606.00[/url]' /> <set value='[url=""]3547.00[/url]' /> <set value='[url=""]4310.00[/url]' /> </dataset> <styles> <definition> <style name='[url=""]CaptionFont[/url]' type='[url=""]font[/url]' size='[url=""]12[/url]'/> </definition> <application> <apply toObject='CAPTION' styles='CaptionFont' /> <apply toObject='SUBCAPTION' styles='CaptionFont' /> </application> </styles> </chart>
  3. Mobile Browser Issues - Invalid Data

    All are correct. It works fine in all computer based browsers but fails (most, but not all) on mobile devices such as tablets and phones. (Android-4.2-Chrome, Apple-ios6x-Safari) Oddly it works fine on my Dolphin Browser on my Android 2.3 phone.
  4. I developed a dashboard for my departments. It works great on all computer based browsers, but when it comes to iPad and iPhone (Safari) and Nexus 7 Google Chrome, I get a ton (but not all) Invalid data responses from 95% of my charts. Is there an issue with the library when it comes to mobile browsers?
  5. Not Switching To Js On Apple

    I would love to just have a JS version on our web site and not flash, but seems that the Charts are not going to JS when they are on apple devices. i am using the PHP version of the library and here is my page call: echo renderChart("../assets/FusionCharts/MSLine.swf?registerWithJS=1", "../Data/lineChartYearXML.php?dataSetID=37&forYear=$datayear&yAxis=&maxValue=100", "", "chart37", 425, 300, false, true); From the iDevices it says invalid data but works fine from all browsers. Any ideas?
  6. I have a difficult dataset to display and was going to use the Multi-series 2D Stacked Column, but can see how you can put more that 2 columns. I looked at the XML example and see that the columns seem to be broken into 'dataset'. With the first column's top tag being 'dataset' and the second column being 'dataSet'...not seeming to leave anything for additional columns per set or do you then alternate? <dataset><dataSet...></dataSet></dataset><dataSet><dataset..></dataset></dataSet><dataset><dataSet...></dataSet></dataset><dataSet><dataset..></dataset></dataSet>
  7. Failing To Gender So Somethng

    Nevermind. Found my issue.
  8. Failing To Gender So Somethng

    Ok, even weirder that might help. So I tool this index page and renamed it to fullreport.php and put it into the home directory (updating the paths back to root) and it works fine. I then copied the SWF and the data file and pasted it into the /fullreport/ folder, modified the SWF and data to be in the same directory and it failed. Something up with the FusionCharts.php?
  9. So I am creating a analytics dashboard and I created the home page (in the root) with 6 charts. Worked like a charm. So now i want to create other sections with charts so I basically copied the page and pasted it into a folder ('fullreport') i then modified the calls to render to go back one directory (to the root) and then to the proper folder with the chart controls and the data (../). Now nothing renders in the new page. Been doing web design/development for 10 years so I am pretty confident that I know how to go back one directory. Any ideas? Here is from the landing page: <?php echo renderChart("assets/FusionCharts/MSColumn3D.swf", ".data/getMultiLineChartXML.php?dataSetID=2&forYear=2012", "", "chart1", 425, 300, false, true); ?> here is from the page that is one directory up: <?php echo renderChart("../assets/FusionCharts/MSColumn3D.swf", "../data/getMultiLineChartXML.php?dataSetID=2&forYear=2012", "", "chart10", 425, 300, false, true); ?> Oh, and yes, I did update the path to the renderer include_once '../com/fusioncharts/FusionCharts.php';
  10. Noobie Question: Fusioncharts With Php Variable

    I've been trying to debug it. I ended up just copying out the code from the function directly into a .php page and echoing it back and it works fine. Just confused why the echo works and the return of a variable with the same data fails. If you have an email address, I'll be more than happy to shoot you the view and the class I created to see where my error might be.
  11. Noobie Question: Fusioncharts With Php Variable

    Yep, with and without in the 2nd and 3rd spot.
  12. Noobie Question: Fusioncharts With Php Variable

    Thanks for the input, but as I mention in the last line of my original post, I actually tried the $data variable in both the 2nd and 3rd arguments. So I tried them both with no luck.
  13. Noobie Question: Fusioncharts With Php Variable

    Nope. Sorry, must have been a problem when I copied and pasted it. It has both closing and opening. Good catch though!
  14. I am attempting to create a dashboard using FusionCharts and PHP. I have a XML generator class that seems to produce the correct XML for the chart to form the charts I copied out the results and pasted it into a static document and the chart generate fine. However I have no idea how to use the information in the return variable to actually generate the charts. It keeps failing. When I read the page source it looks right.. var chart_chart1 = new FusionCharts( { "swfUrl" : "assets/FusionCharts/MSColumn3D.swf", "width" : "425", "height" : "300", "renderAt" : "chart1Div", "renderer" : "javascript", "dataFormat" : "xmlurl", "id" : "chart1", "dataSource" : "<chart caption="" XAxisName="" palette="2" animation="1" formatNumberScale="0" numberPrefix="" showValues="0" numDivLines="4" legendPosition="BOTTOM><categories><category label='Total Referrals' /><category label='Total Consults' /></categories><dataset seriesName="Q1"><set value='9668' /><set value='3357' /></dataset><dataset seriesName="Q2"><set value='9154' /><set value='3264' /></dataset><dataset seriesName="Q3"><set value='' /><set value='' /></dataset><dataset seriesName="Q4"><set value='' /><set value='' /></dataset><styles><definition><style type="font" name="CaptionFont" color="666666" size="15" /><style type="font" name="SubCaptionFont" bold="0" /></definition><application><apply toObject="caption" styles="CaptionFont" /><apply toObject="SubCaption" styles="SubCaptionFont" /></application></styles></chart>" } ).render(); Here is my generation string. <?php //Get this charts data by ID and year $data = $chardata->getChartXML('2', $_GET['year']); // Set the rendering mode to JavaScript FC_SetRenderer('javascript'); // Call the renderChart method, which would return the HTML and JavaScript required to generate the chart echo renderChart("assets/FusionCharts/MSColumn3D.swf", "$data", "", "chart1", 425, 300, false, true); ?> I've tried the return variable as both the 2nd and 3rd variable. Thanks!