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  1. How Can I Break A Line In Marker Label?

    i found the solution in FusionMaps docs ! I need put the tag {br} ... Thank you !
  2. Hi... How can i break a line a label in the marker in FusionMap rendering by javascript? When i used flash, i needed to put just '\r\n' , but it's doesn't work to javascript ! Tks
  3. Fusionmaps + Fusionwidgets = Error

    I tried get the Trial Version just to test, so i get Suite Package and got the FusionChart.HC.Widget.js ... Work, but when i get the js file from administrative area don't work =/
  4. Fusionmaps + Fusionwidgets = Error

    Hello Somedh, thank you for reply... So... My company has the license, i did the download from www.fusioncharts.com/puc But, if i get the Javascript file ( FusionCharts.HC.Widgets.js ) of package FusionWidgets XT, the Map don't show the markers.... work, but don't show the markers... Any idea ? Tks
  5. Hi, I got a new XT Maps and i put in my project together with FusionCharts and FusionWidgets, and now i'm rendering the project with javascript... So... the problem is when i render my map with FusionCharts.HC.Widgets.js in the folder, the maps don't load the markers... I got a example from FusionCharts site ( FusionAirDashboard ) and got the FusionCharts.HC.Widgets.js from this project and put in my project, in this case the map loaded, but as the FusionAirDashboard is a demo, was written 'FusionCharts' in my Gauge.... I opened the files and i could see that the FusionCharts.HC.Widgets.js from FusionAirDashboard is 3.2.4-release.8360 version and the FusionCharts.HC.Widgets.js from upload center is fusioncharts/3.2.3-sr2.6105 version ... So... where can i get a 3.2.4 release ? Tks! Felipe