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  1. Thanks Rahul. Good tip on the filtered list idea.
  2. "Content Type" doesn't appear to be an available Data Field for a List. Is that true? The list I'm using has one content type + a "Folder" content type. I can see that the folder item is included in my filtered data. But the Group & Drilldown is having trouble. Anyway, my primary conern is that I can't filter on Content Type. How does one manage to have different charts based on content types within the same list?
  3. I have a Custom List in SharePoint. I want to create an "Activity Monitor" line graph. The graph will show the number of records modified each day for the last xx days (probably 7 days or so). When I create a view with Modified (or Created) dates in the view, they don't appear in the data tables in the chart wizard. Is that a current limitation? Not being able to filter data by dates is also very limiting. Am I missing something or is this a hard limitation with the existing product?
  4. Microsoft Office Excel File

    I don't know about configuring "trusted locations" at the server side of SharePoint but I can assure you that I'm able to link to an Excel file just fine using the STANDARD version of SharePoint. We don't have the Enterprise version and things are working fine with Excel. The Excel sheet must be hosted in a SharePoint library on the same site as the Chart but that seems reasonable enough.